Home Discussion Forum How do i find my spirit (totem) animal through meditation.?

How do i find my spirit (totem) animal through meditation.?

I need to know step by step how to contact my spirit (totem) animal through meditation everything from the proper way to meditate to the extent of time i should meditate what i should picture while searching for my spirit (totem) animal and how i should greet and embrace my spirit animal please give detailed answers no sarcasm.


  1. MMM, i go to the Indian, Native spirit, to find your spirit animal, mine is a deer. my indian name is 3bears, cause i am a true native amiercan native indian. do you go to pow wows and gathering of your native tribe to get help there, okay?

  2. Fasting and hallucinogenic drugs are the standard ways. Although sleep deprivation and sensory deprivation are also used to induce visions. Fasting will alter your brain’s glucose levels, many drugs simulate this.

  3. You don’t contact a totem. You wait quietly and the spirit animal will find you if you are to have the spirit’s protection and wisdom. This must be natural and not induced.

  4. A totem will find you. You cannot pursue a totem like a goal. When the totem discovers its attributes in you, it will make contact.
    Mine is the wren.

  5. Currently, I’m trying a 14 or 16 day fast followed by hallucinogenic mushrooms. Direct conference with intermediate reality is possible, from experience, with a four day fast and excercise, many strange sites, broaden your scope

  6. how do you know who and what you are ? I was born with abilities to sence spirits . i know i hunt in my dreams. i want to know where i fit in . i don’t belong anywhere . my animal spirits are panther. cats in general. but i love dogs and other creatures. i really would like to talk to someone who has similar troubles. maybe i can find an answer.?


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