Home Discussion Forum How do I find my personal Major Arcana tarot cards?

How do I find my personal Major Arcana tarot cards?

I’m interested in tarot cards and have started to learn about them. I read that everyone has two personal tarot cards? One reflects their outside personality, and the other reflects their true self. I’m horrible with numbers and the directions for finding your personal Major Arcana cards in the book are confusing me. Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks.


  1. I told you to look behind the toilet or under the mattress, you know, where you keep the “other” stash? Geez, why do I always have to keep track of all the things that you keep losing?

  2. I’ve been around a long time and I have never heard that anyone has two. I have heard there is always one that fits… Look through you cards and visualize whats going on in them… See what fits.. By the way the Major Arcana are pathways of the Sephira, and that card will change depending on where you are in your life.
    Though, I would normally consider the High Preist as the card that best represents me, lately I have definitely been the Hermit.

  3. Do check out the link in the above post-
    What you are trying to find is your Personality card and your Soul card.
    Not everyone has TWO cards- some people will, some people won’t it is all a matter of how the numbers add up.
    For example- someone may have the World as thier Personality card, and the Empress and thier Soul card-
    another person would have the Empress for both.
    There are also shadow and teacher cards that relate to these first tow cards.


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