How do I find a Wicca Coven in my city?

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I decided that I wanted to become a Wiccan and I want to join a coven to help me learn more about Wicca. Are there any websites that list the covens in a given city? How do I go about searching for a coven to join?

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Get on your broomstick and fly around til you find one.

Roman Catholic Guy

Accept Jesus christ, he wants you in his church.

Jenny Manyteeth

True Wiccans in the US are very hard to find, but some do have public identities.




Witchvox is great. But you don’t just “join” a coven. You have to study for a year and a day before being initiated into a coven. And if you actually can’t find anybody, becoming solitary is a solution. I am a solitary Wiccan. Feel free to contact me if you need anymore help.


Look in the nearest forest for fat naked chicks dancing around a fire.


Being that you’re black, it’s likely that you won’t be let into the coven, as Wiccans believe black females are witches, something not entirely implausible.


go on craigs list and on both you can find meetings or announce a meeting. on you can also create your own coven/group/club etc…


First of all how do some of you people find this funny? And i would suggest looking up where you live and Wiccan Covens, but if there arent any become a solitary Wiccan but ya you do have to study it first


Yes, there are many sites, though some cities don’t have anything. What you need to know is you have to be 18 years or older before anyone will take you on and Usually you need to study a year and a day before dedicating yourself. Also Wicca does not automatically mean witches or spells since Wicca is a polytheistic belief/religion and Witchcraft doesn’t need any religion or Deity in order to work.
Hope this helps


First of all, you have to be 18 for a coven to accept you for training. With all the creeps out there using religion and teenage naiveté to take advantage of young people, it’s safer for those running groups like a coven to protect themselves by only accepting consenting adults. It also prevents them from having conflict with parents who may not be so excited about their child’s new extracurricular.
If you’re looking for pagan contacts, go to and browse the group profiles in your area. If you want to contact people, you should use a username and e-mail address that keep you anonymous until you feel you can trust the people in question.
Good luck 🙂

bad tim

the first step is to get to know the pagan community in your city. you can do that by attending events or joining your local or state-wide yahoo an google groups. just go to the groups home page and search ‘pagan’ and te name of your city.
don’t be too eager. most covens will not approach a stranger, and those that do are often not the ones you’d want approaching you. some covens have year and a day classes, and some of the more organized ones have lots of good information on their webpages.
you won’t know which covens are trustworthy or respected in your community, tho, until you become involved with the community. in my large metropolitan area, there are about a dozen covens that have a public presence, and only one that has been open to new members in the twenty years i’ve been involved in the community. but, you have to be sponsored by a standing member.
covens are tightly-knit groups. a new member can drastically alter the dynamics of the group, so they’re all going to be cautious about who they admit.

Uncle Tim is an excellent starting point. You’ll need to be 18 years old at least for most covens to take you on as a serious student. Things you can do for yourself before contacting a coven is read read read. Learn as much as you can on your own so that when you talk with them you’ll not have to spend as much time just covering basics which they might feel you should already know. Check out books by Scott Cunningham such as Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner.

there is a list of groups/covens for each state. They list teen groups, college groups, and adult groups. If you are not 18 most adult groups/covens will not accept you. Some require that you be 21.
First, look at the lists for your state/area. If they have a website, check that out. Email the groups and find out if they are accepting new members and what their core beliefs are (no use joining a coven that is heavy in celtic themes if you don’t believe/connect with anything celtic).


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