Home Discussion Forum How do I find a real free psychic medium to speak to?

How do I find a real free psychic medium to speak to?

I have been experiencing dreams that are not mine. I feel as though they are from someone else’s memories, and they just happent o ne coming to me while I sleep.


  1. The brain is capable of creating dreams without the sleeper being capable of thinking of it on it’s own.
    That is why they seem like they don’t connect with who you are.
    It is my thought that each of us carry a million of years of chromosomes and that some times people get memories of their past relatives experience that is stored in our DNA.
    I came to this conclusion because often a transplant patient who receives a body part from another person memory that we are related to over the million of times there are new generations becoming over and over the time.

  2. If there are psychics out there, and if you really need one, then obviously the psychic would know and would contact you.
    If you haven’t heard from any psychic, then either there aren’t any, or you don’t need one.

  3. If you tell someone claiming to be a psychic medium this they will tell you what you want to hear: That you’re reliving past lives. The simple truth is that there are no psychic mediums, free or otherwise. If there were then we would be able to test their abilities.
    Also, my understanding is that a medium will talk to ghosts, but seeing as you’re trying to remember past lives you already lived (and are certainly not dead) how is a medium going to tell you something you don’t already know? Is she just going to ask you? The problem you think you’re having is that you think that YOU don’t remember something. The premise doesn’t even make sense, let alone the reality that these people are just charlatans.

  4. Harry Houdini and James Randi between them have scoured the entire planet for the past hundred years for any sort of psychic/medium, free or not, not one has been found to date.
    Dreams are just your subconscious mind ‘doodling’ with your past memories, wishes and fears, they have no relevance whatsoever to real life.

  5. I get this too almost every nite, i even have dreams of others feeling a similar way. The dreams feel very real. This could also be you remembering a past life. Think of this word at night…. Rob D, say it several times and maybe our mind will mingle, i wont be asleep soon though because i refuse to sleep after my prison dream.


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