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How do I find a local hypnotherapist?

I’m trying to find a hypnotherapist in Ventura County or L.A. county area that will assist me in past life regression. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!


  1. Well I am a hypnotherapist and I live in Northern California. I do know that many, though not all hypnotherapist do not believe in past life regression so they find it a waste. Best place to find a hypnotherapist is to look on webpages from the American board of hypnotherapy and the national guild of hypnotists. You can request referrals from them. Though do remember you do not have to have any degree to be a hypnotist. So a lot of them are kind of suspect in their experience with it. Though you don’t have to have a lot of education to be a good hypnotist ether. Just do a lot of research before you pay 90 and up per hour for hypnotherapy. Oh and if they aren’t at least charging 90 I can guarantee you they don’t know what they are doing.

  2. You’re not going to like this answer one bit, but it’s the truth, and it comes from an educated point of view. (Sources below).
    “Past life regression” during hypnosis is as credible as “Future life progression”. This is where people project themselves into the future and describe future lives.
    When you’re in a hypnotized state, you are extremely susceptible to suggestion. If the therapist says, “I want you to go back in time …” you will. What you describe may not be true (in fact in most cases it’s not), but under hypnosis you are eager to follow instructions at any cost, even if it means creating something in your mind’s eye to follow the suggestion made by the therapist. You WILL do as the therapist suggests, even if your experience is a complete fabrication.
    The proof of this is in a clinical study done on “Hypnotic Recall” (see below), where a patient is placed under hypnosis to recall descriptions of people during (staged) criminal acts. They are absolutely convinced they can see the robber! There he is! In a red hat and a jean jacket!
    Then, a video surveillance tape is broken out. What does it show? It shows a man with no hat, in a t-shirt.
    Because you were asked to “recall” the gunman. If you were able to recall the gunman consciously, you would have done so when you weren’t hypnotized. But because you’re vulnerable to suggestion while hypnotized, you simply create a character and relay that description.
    Hypnotherapy is not a ticket to self-realization. It is not a means to “unlocking the unconscious mind”. It is, quite simply, an altered state of consciousness in which you are vulnerable to suggestion. You can’t be made to do anything against your will when you’re hypnotized but you will make every effort (up to and including complete fabrication) to heed the suggestions of the therapist.
    Don’t get me wrong, hypnosis has its purposes. Study after study have proven that posthypnotic suggestions can help in many areas: smoking cessation, weight loss, insomnia, and even depression.
    But any hypnotherapist who is being honest with himself and with you knows what “past life regression” is. It’s validation for your beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Charles Tebbetts knew this, as did his protoge, C. Roy Hunter. Hunter wrote “The Art of Hypnotherapy” Parts I and II. In it, he slams so-called “Past Life Regression” and instructs the reader to remain ethical in his or her practices, in what he calls “Client-Centered Hypnosis”. Hunter, like his mentor, Charles Tebbetts, have been ostracized from the hypnotherapy field for such bold statements.
    In short, past life regression is a $130 an hour trip you could take by closing your eyes and imagining whatever you want for free.


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