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how do i find a "great" doc. to do past life regression in nj?


  1. I don’t understand why you can not do it yourself. Sit back and think about things you have always been drawn to, or things you have been afraid of. Is there a reason you are drawn to them or afraid of them? Meaning are you afraid of horses because you where bit by one, or have you never had anything bad happen, but are still afraid of them. If you are afraid or drawn to it for no known reason it could be caused by a past life. Think about what could have happened in a past life to make you afraid…. use the first thing that pops into your mind. While you are going to sleep build on it…. try to imagine what was happening. You might dream about it that night, if you do write down everything you remember. If you don’t dream…keep doing this every night. Past lives are really useless information…they help us understand our fears and our passions, but nothing more. I do wish you luck though.


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