How do I FIGURE OUT the color of my aura??

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I think I have a red aura. What does red aura mean?

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Having a red aura is not a good thing. it represents internal turmoil and struggle with tendencys to do evil…unless thats what u prefer


Have an aura photo done…
Auras by the way change all the thime..
I see blue around your question today….

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i felt blue or a light colour….but they change allll the time……so…its hard to tel….
y do u ask?


In some lore all you do is close your eyes and imagine a color that surrounds you! (Mine was brown, and I don’t like brown.) But some places believe your personality traits are what determine your aura. (I would like blue!)


Your aura is changing all the time. Your moods will often dictate your aura. I have the book “Aura Reading for Beginners” by Richard Webster. It has some good basic/beginner information if you would like to read a little more on the subject.
Reading auras is both a gift and a talent, it needs to be developed and used or you will lose it.


heres a few links


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