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How do i feng shui my room ?

When you walk in my room the bed is on the far left and the chest of drawers is a little to the right and I wanted to move the be to the other side so my room doesn’t look so crowded but with feng shui arent you supposed to facing the door? or see it?


  1. see the door see the door as a gateway to somewhere unknown would you rather see it before you face it are face it before you see it

  2. You should position your bed so that you can see see the door, so that if someone came in you’d see them before they were in the middle of the room. Without knowing what your room is like, one solution is to move the things the way you want and hang a mirror in a place where if you looked from your bed you’d be able to see if anyone was entering the room.

  3. it is better to fengshui the whole house than applying it just to the bedroom, because in fengshui, a small detail that is out of place somewhere inside the house other than the bedroom can have a significant effect on the lives of its occupants. applying fengshui just to the bedroom have no significant impact on one’s life.
    and fengshui is not done like what you think it is.
    when you audit a house, first you analyze its location and environment. are there any hidden arrows or bad chi aiming for your house? does your house have good support from its environment? where is the busiest place (like a marketplace) located, and how your house can utilize this chi?
    next, decide on the facing of the house, or what specific degree (in 360 degrees) does your main door faces? is it the most prominent source of chi or yang energy? base on this and when you did a major renovation or first moved into the house (which ever is latest), you calculate for the distribution of good areas and bad areas in your house. at the good areas, put there the living room, bedroom, office, or where you spend most of your time. at the bad location, you put there the garage/ storage, toilet, kitchen, stairs, hallways.
    regarding the kitchen and toilets, there are special formulas to attract wealth into your life.
    then you can tweak this by applying more fengshui concepts, meaning an arrangement must support at least 2 or more fegnshui concepts, so that it can be more powerful. for example, if the area has good energy based on your flying star chart, and it is where the current water star is located, then you can put a moving water feature to support these 2 concepts (1. good energy location, 2. current water star). then you can also direct the flow of this water feature to do a water dragon or 5 ghost carry money formula (3. special water placement).
    this is fengshui. this is usually what fengshui masters teach their students, instead of using statues, arranging of furnitures (including doors), placing of mirrors and windchimes… these are also fengshui, but a more simple and less powerful form of fengshui.
    you cannot learn these from books either, ms. lillian too wrote about 8 mansions fengshui, but she omitted the real use of the formula from her books. ms. eva wong, also wrote about flying stars, but her analysis and those of other fengshui is different. different masters have different takes on fengshui and its concepts. yet there are some basics of the concepts that remains the same.
    i do think that if you are really serious in knowing fengshui, it is cheaper and smarter to choose a master/ teacher and attend a seminar. yes, books are cheaper, but you end up buying many books, and you cannot be sure on its contents. and most books about fengshui only talk about clearing your clutter, which is not about chinese fengshui. you are just wasting time on these books. only a fengshui master/ teacher can teach you the basics and how to use the chinese compass to apply fengshui.


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