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How do I feel less bad about a girl dumping me, gang stalking me, and then going out with another guy?

You would think I’d get over it after six years. But it still irks me.


  1. it would be hard getting over something like that but you could try finding something that keeps your mind off it until you no longer think about…you could learn to play an instrument and join a band or join a club…any type of hobby that strikes your interest

  2. confront those feelings. do some writing. seek professional help for short term to help sort it all out. write a letter and mail it to no one…..tear it up. put all your feelings in it. do things that will build who you are. read the book finding your own north star by martha beck. good luck.

  3. It’s only a scar now, just let it heal in it’s own way.
    If it’s truly disturbing your life, look into seeing a counselor.
    If it’s just bugging you, pick up a new hobby or two, to keep yourself distracted from it.


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