How do I escape a Succubus?

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On a SuccuTrain.


Are you genuine ? what have you been up to to attract one of these? you need to go to a Catholic priest ASAP, if it came with the house you need an exorcism but the priest will advise you, in the meantime use Holy water from the catholic church and, a Blessed Crucifix not a Cross without the figure of Christ on it and you need a Blessed Rosary with you at all times,.


don’t they only bother people in dreams? in that case, wake up.


Masturbate to orgasm before you go to sleep – that way she’s got nothing to work with.


What was Confucius's mothers name and what did she die from?

I have to do a report on Confucius and I need answers!

Has anyone evey experienced the "old hag" type of nightmare??

If so please tell me a little bit about ur experience...have you ever tried to tell someone and they thought you were crazy???

what season of supernatural does dean do eye of the tiger?

In the tv series supernatural, what season does jensen ackles who plays dean winchester, lip-sync to eye of the tiger after the credits?

How do you purify and charge a chakra wand?

Received a 7 chakra wand. Want to purify, charge and dedicate it. Lookinf got ritual wand purification.

Today's Yahoo Headline:American Buddhism on the rise- did yoiu read this?

Do yourself a favour and change your life forever - no more believing in fairy tales and/or mindless violence and killings-read up, listen to...
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