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How do i enter an intense state of meditation?

I want to do something but i need to know how to get into an intense meditation state first. Please help me, my life hangs on this one act.


  1. my teacher told me how to do this first get into a really quiet room with the lights off then this is the really hard part…you can’t think of anything you just have to focus on relaxing for however long you want. at some point (it takes a lot of practice) you will be in ultimate zen

  2. find the most quiet place possible
    get in your most comfortable position to relax
    clear your mind of clutter
    take long deep breathes
    the rest is open to personal technique
    i sometimes imagine that im falling into blackness and silence…deeper and deeper…..as i go,i slip deeper into relaxation
    just an idea.
    meditation takes practice,and years sometimes to get right

  3. get drunk and try to sit in a chair. lol It will be intense just trying to make sure your butt hits the chair and not the floor.

  4. by following the simple process of meditation,although meditation has no technique being our own nature,it is a state of being,not doing anything,just being the spectators of all the happenings within ourself by gently closing our eyes and diverting our awareness within ourself and watch the projections of mind on the inner tv,see thru your third eye which will start seeing ownself,once we close our outer eyes for this we need’t put any pressure on anything and need’t concentrate on any object,since meditation is different from concentration,so just be witness of all the happenings within ourself……….for more practical meditation may contact me,it’s free.

  5. Try this very simple, yet powerful meditation in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ at http://www.awaken2life.org/published-articles/74-effortless-meditation.html
    It can be done for a couple minutes or an hour.
    Also of possible interest is a 15-minute audio podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) at http://www.awaken2life.org/podcast-more-oom.html but you would need to register first to get access to these older episodes.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  6. You need to research HemiSync, specifically the Gateway Experience. Focus 12 should be adequate for your purpose.


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