How do I empty/close my mind?





I’m confused. I’m trying to find my own understanding of what path to take with my life, but I have too much going on in my mind. My past experiences keep me from ever fully focusing on the next step towards achieving a bit of enlightenment.
I asked my father for a word of advice, and he told me to empty my mind. He said if I can do that, I’ll get a moment of serenity in my mind, and I’ll get my enlightenment. Everything should make sense afterwards.
I don’t know how to empty my mind. I’m not a Zen Buddhist or anything, so this isn’t my area of expertise. I’m not really looking to read into a book about all this, I really just need a few words from the wise, about the trick, and maybe the philosophy behind the empty mind. (ex. Zen, Budo, etc.)
My dad practices Kendo, and he lives this kind of stuff. All he told me about was meditation. He said that at some extent, if I can clear my mind like this, I’d receive some sort of enlightenment. (From God or something?)
Little help please?


  1. Zazen is the best thing for clearing the mind. Its simple, but not easy. You just sit still and let your mind return to its normal quiet state through discipline. This takes a lot of practice. Its not a “trick”. Its a practice.
    Another very important way to quiet the mind is through activity. Find a hobby that you like and submerge yourself into it. It could be a sport, art, anything that requires your complete attention.
    My answer is simple, but true. You have to make an effort. Most importantly, don’t take youreslef too seriously.

  2. listen to something really soothing and relaxing and lye down on something really comfy and think about what you wanna do

  3. I do not know enough about meditation to criticize it in any way, but i recently learned an interesting fact: The KGB wanted Americans to practice meditation. So they would not be alert, just empty their heads. Just something to think about.

  4. Nobody can answer this question because they can’t get into your head. Something is obstructing you. Everybody’s mind is different. There are 84,000 different kinds of brains and so there are 84,000 ways to enlightenment. Visualizing a blue light going up your body might work great for one, and not do anything for another.
    One of the biggest obstacles we face is our own ignorance, greed, and stupidity. These are created by the bad deeds we have done in this life and previous lives. One of the best things to do to address this is to perform repentance. This is sincerely saying you are sorry for all the bad things you’ve done since time immemorial. All the bugs you killed when you were in grade school, all the people you teased, the candy you stole, every person you’ve hurt, it could present an obstacle.
    Personally, I do Emperer Liang Repentance which I cannot seem to find a copy on the internet. It is a huge sutra that is one of the most power texts I’ve ever witnessed. It talks about karma in detail and discusses what is hell, and what goes on in there to hopefully steer you away from that direction. I am in the process of typing the whole sutra up but it’s going to take some time since I’m so busy and it is some 10 chapters long. After I perform repentance, my mind and body seem to be much more at ease, and I can easily focus. Even doing chores becomes easier and I have more energy. I have even lost some weight.
    Your mind is your projection of reality. Imagine sitting in a movie theater and seeing images appear and then disappear, like a slideshow. These are ideas, and they are constantly popping up and appearing before you. When you grasp onto one of these ideas and follow them, you are deluded into thinking this idea is real, when it is not, it’s part of the movie.
    The enlightened masters can sit back and watch the movie and not become attached or grasp onto the ideas floating in front of them.
    The pictures that are floated in front of your mind appear for only about 1 to 2 seconds, then disappear. Throughout the day, there are hundreds if not thousands of ideas and images floated by your mind, and you grab onto most of them.
    Every once in a while in between pictures there is a very brief moment of silence where this is no picture. This is emptiness. If you can focus yourself and expand this moment of silence you can do some really weird things like hear things in the spirit world.
    How do you expand this moment of silence? First off, you have to learn how to become aware of this moment of “no picture”. When you do this, you can actually increase the amount of time your mind is not looking at any pictures. If you can do this for a full 30 seconds, you have some serious mind control and will be well on your way! Even if you were to only do this for 2 or 3 seconds that would be a huge accomplishment.
    When you learn to train your mind to be truly empty, you can see the truth in all things in the universe.
    Learning the inherent emptiness of all things and how nothing exists in this world might not be enough, but it will definitely take you one step closer to enlightenment.

  5. It’s simple. Just don’t think about -anything-. It’s a bit easier if there are no distractions around, but you can do it anyplace and anytime.
    And tell your Dad to stay centered and keep his eyes soft. ??

  6. One finds that when he clears his mind, he sets the self aside and allowing that which needs to come into his thoughts to come in calmly and peacefully.
    Try this: darken your room, or be in a room that is cool, perhaps a soft gently breeze from a fan (fan should make no noise), lay on the floor, on your back. legs slightly apart, (do not cross them.) Hands at your side, relaxed but not touch the body. Head in alignment with the body, straight. Eyes closed.
    Then take three deep breaths. In out. Feel your body relax from your tip toes to the top of your head. Feel it as you take these deep breaths. Once you done this. Keeping your eyes closed, see yourself on a white cloud, focus on this cloud as it floats your relaxed body just above the floor, then wrap yourself in a blue light, pull that blue light up from your toes, past your calves, knees, thighs, butt, tarsal, arms, neck and head, breathing is soft, so soft and your mind is empty of material things, places, thoughts of the self, rest, think NOT, rest just fell the gentleness of the cloud, and the blue light.
    Be not concerned that you are not given a list right away. Just know that you will of emptied your mind, and that which is good and right for you will come to you for you to use.

  7. Your dad just told you the secret. Why didn’t you listen to him?
    If you do it once, maybe something good will come out of it. If you meditate twice, you may get some insight. If you do it for a whole week you’ll have some awareness of others and their behavior, and you may feel invisible so you can stand apart and just watch.

  8. In the same way that you can be silent and stop speaking to someone for a few minutes, make the choice to stop speaking to yourself for a few minutes. Thought is nothing more than self-talk.

  9. just close your eyes and picture black. dont stray from the black, dont talk to yourself in your head and MAKE sure there in no external noise.

  10. Heehee, that’s easy, listen to the music and try to sleep and try to forget everything(to watch a horror movie, to concentrate your blood) thats what i do^_^

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