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How do I draw positive energy and release negative energy?


  1. Ordinary matter is always positive energy, as per E = mc², so that you can “draw positive energy” simply by taking a breath of air, which is ordinary matter. However, only anti-matter is negative energy, so you needn’t worry about releasing anti-matter, because any anti-matter in your body has already been annihilated inside of you, having already reacted with ordinary matter. So, you see? Ordinary life is almost entirely all positive energy.

  2. so drink a lot of water and fast for 2 days, then walk on grass 2 hours with your feet naked and then meditate for all the day.
    Then you will see your negative energy going out of your body extremely fast like gas…or it was only a fart ?

  3. cosmos is the positive energy field.It charge the positive energy to negative and make negative to positive energy.Like if know to receiving technique of cosmic energy to your body it will release your negative energy.By this way you can cure your self.Normally nature release our negative energy in its limit.But human have unlimited thoughts and opinions.So nature cleansing is not sufficient.”Reiki” is way of drawing natural positive energy system.

  4. Oh come now… Positive energy is matter and negative energy is potential energy like gravity . I can’t see why you’d want to get rid of either unless you’re refering to the new age BS about energies and auras. I hope not for your sake.

  5. If you need more positive influence in your life, then you should do things that make you feel good (volunteer, take a college course, etc) and surround yourself with positive, upbeat people.
    To rid yourself of negativisms, teach yourself to think differently. Don’t look for the bad things in life. Try to be optimistic!

  6. This sounds very cheesy but this is the way I do it:
    Sit comfortably or lay down and close your eyes and imagine that every time you breathe in through your nose, you are inhaling a rainbow and bringing in nothing but good positive things. On the exhale through the mouth, imagine dark nasty clouds or smoke leaving you and disappearing. Slow, deep breaths.

  7. Actualism meditation http://www.actualism.org has specific meditation to throw off negative energy and bring good energy in your aura.
    You could also try the Buddhist meditation “Being of Light” I described “The Being Of Light” meditation in the brochure I wrote about Zen and posted to my Yahoo 360 blog January 8th.
    Good luck to you.

  8. the meditations and crystals and visualisations can work, but the simplest method is a deep breath, even a big sigh.
    You can turn this into a whole meditation technique – sit and breathe slowly and deeply….


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