Home Discussion Forum How do i do astral projection? out of body experience?

How do i do astral projection? out of body experience?

does it take a lot of drugs? cause i dont waant to do that. How do i doooo ittttt? what’s it like? can you mess with people? or are ouy just like an observer? do you get hungry along the way? serious answers only, i really want to do it


  1. Hello Mike – I have been having conscious Out of Body Experiences (OBE) for the past 10 years and it can be a wonderful experience. To answer your question; no it does not take drugs to have an OBE. As a matter of fact, drugs can actually give you a bad experience with OBEs because you’re not in full control of the OBE. An OBE for me, is one of the best experiences that I can ever imagine myself having. It eliminates the bounds that we’re use to having in everyday reality. By that I mean, you’re able to travel any where, any time. You can visit others, in real time (I have verified this by observing my friend reading a book while I was out of body, then calling him and was able to give him the title of the book that he was reading). I’ve never experienced hunger while Out of Body. There is a site that I have found to be very useful in getting information regarding OBEs. You can check it out by visiting http://www.fruvo.com
    Thanks and good luck with your travels!


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