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How do I deep cleanse myself to get rid of negative energy?


  1. Draw a warm bath and sprinkle in about a cup of salt (any ground salt will do, table or sea). Disrobe and get in, and spend at least 20 minutes in there. Get out, drain it away, shower the tub with hot water to dissolve any remaining salt, take a hot then cold rinsing shower yourself, and dry off.
    If you don’t have time for a bath, keep some salt with you, wet your hands, pour a little salt on them, rub them together a bit then put one hand against your forehead and the other over your heart and hold for a few breaths. Then make ‘brushing’ motions all over the rest of your body, shaking your hand off at the end of each stroke. To finish, put your hands against the ground or any large, concrete structure-part and ‘push’ your breathe thru them. Then wash your hands and go on with your day.

  2. Add a sachet of cleansing herbs to your bath (you could wrap them up in a piece of clean cloth and tie it or make a tea first then pour it in).
    You can also shower it away, and rub yourself with a washcloth filled with herbs (and tied).
    Smudge yourself– burn sage incense, step over the censer carefully and let it billow over you.
    Meditation/Creative visualization of cleansing yourself– envision all the negativity as something (I always see it as black smoke and flack) and then envision it draining out of you ( I just breathe it out).
    Stand in a gusty wind.
    Stand in the rain.
    Jump in a natural running body of water or the ocean.
    Stand in a rainbow from a prism or window or some kind of colored lights… my shower window creates a rainbow in the shower at a certain time of day and I like to shower when the rainbow hits my body for additional cleansing and recharging as well.
    Hold a crystal, such as a clear quartz, and envision it “pouring” into the crystal, then bury the crystal.


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