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how do i deal with a posessed person?

by Peggy:

i think shes posessed by demons for a few reasons
how do i deal with a posessed person, can someone email me or get in contact with me so i can explain everything
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Additional Details
i dont know what to do, is there someone here who can help me get through the day, each day and tell me whats what and help sort through these problems.
my sister is abusive to me and i am beign severely victimized to a point where i dont even know what she does is wrong anymore. i am weekened and allowing myself to be victimized and i have no one in my life, no friends.
i have no one to turn to.
my entire family has turned on me and acts hateful and they have become abusive.
one person in particular, my younger sister whos 19 is home from college and shes terrorizing me, she beats me every day, physically abuses me and swats at me trying to hit me if i try to walk past her or enter a room shes in, she screams at me and makes monkey noises and animal noises to me, she curses at me 50 times a day and puts me down and screams at me.
i have life threatening health problems im trying to heal from, i cannot walk well either,i have moblity trouble but i care for myself. i cannot work and im sick and need to focus on my health.i am afraid ill die because its serious, so i have a right to stay with family since theres no where else im comfortable..
i have nowhere to go
my sister torments me daily, she does not want to stop no matter how many times i try to tell her to..she screams daily and gets violent.she follows me around the house making sure she hits me.i have a debilitating bone structure injury, a back injury and chronic severe pain i have daily.so the hitting makes pain worse
and its interrupting my healing from the injuries if the bones are getting hit
my sister also breaks furniture and does things infront of me to get me upset such as she tries to shake the dining room table and tries to break it
she does something unusual with her eyes, and she follows me around saying demon demon demon
she chants and does not act like herself.
shes unusually severely violent…she smiles at misfortunes and she wastes all my energy, i feel like she sucks the life out of me.
i dont realize i dont have a right to be treated like this,
i feel like its ok, i dont know why, maybe victim mentallity
also she does strange things, she predicts things that happen in the world.she tells me personal things about me to my face that i told no one. she tells me nightmares i have at night and daydreams and stuff i imagined in my head, she tells me outloud and she tells parts of conversation i have with others, she says them outloud when theres no way she heard the conversation because she wasnt there.
she tells me deep personal things about me i told no one
she also claims to have witnesses the bible events firsthand and keeps refering to herself as a man and her voice is different
i am thinking shes posessed
but either way shes abusing me and i need to find out how to deal with that
i am older then her and i should stand up to her but i dont know how since im always sick, tired and in pain all the time and have trouble walking… she says i look vulnerable so i cant protect myself
why is she doing this to me, could she be possessed?
why does she say unusual things such as private conversation i have with people she dosnt know, she repeats word for word to me peices of the conversation
she does strange things with her eyes
i dont know if shes mentally ill, she did see a psychologist and psychiatrist and they said shes not mentally ill, they told her she has social anxiety only
she does not take drugs, she does not have neurological problems
i cant figure out why shes like this. but either way how do i protect myself from abuse
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* – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
i tried calling the cops and they never believe me because its my parents house
i dont want to get into anything messy, i dont want social services.
does anyone here have email i can send questions too

Answer by Deep Thought
Throw some holy water at them…the hole thing, bottle and all. That’ll snap ’em out of it.


  1. go to a nearest hospital, tell them you believe that person is posessed. They have trained priests on staff to deal with both spiritual and medical aspects of it.

  2. Pray to Jesus and call on the Name of Jesus out loud.
    Only believing in Jesus alone for salvation, is what prevents possession. And if a person is already possessed, they can be unpossessed by a believer in Jesus praying for them to be delivered. Demons are only driven out by JESUS.
    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died for our sins on the cross as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe this and you will be in heaven, no matter what!
    Feel free to email me for help: chr3788@yahoo.com

  3. This is what they did on a show I was watching (true stuff)
    However I don’t recommend you do what they did.
    They tied the ‘possessed’ to her bed, poured holy water all over her and burnt the christian cross onto her stomach with a cattle prod….
    Seemed to work but seriously don’t do that.

  4. Why do you keep posting this over and over?
    There is no such thing as possession.
    I think maybe it’s You who has the issues.

  5. go to school councelor and tell them how awful it is and you want to be put in foster care they will do this and you will be gone from this mess.

  6. beat her back or buy a gat and flash it at her and tell her your serious. if that doesnt help break her legs while she sleeps.

  7. OMG I really want to help
    There are several methods of driving out a demon but I would like for you to get a Qu’ran and print out this photo
    Then I want you to chant this thrice in English or Arabic
    Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
    Allahu la illaha illa hu
    Wal Hayyul Qayyum
    La te huzuhu sinetun wala nawmun
    Lahu ma fissemawati wa ma fil’ardi
    Men thallathiy yeshfe’u indehu illa biznih
    Ya’lemu ma beyne eydiyhim
    wa ma halfehum
    wa la yuhiytune
    bishey’in min ilmihi
    illa bima sha-a wasia kursiyyuhu semavati wal’ard
    Wa la yeuduhu hifzuhuma wa hu wal aliy ul aziym
    “Allah! There is no god but He,
    Al-Hayy (the Ever-living), Al-Qayyum (the Self-subsisting, Eternal).
    No slumber can seize Him nor sleep.
    His are all things in the heavens and on earth.
    Who is there that can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth?
    He knoweth what appeareth to His creatures as before or after or behind them.
    Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth.
    His Kursi doth extend over the heavens and the earth,
    and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them.
    He is Aliyy (the Most High), Al-Adhiim (the Supreme in glory).”
    Pray these prayers when she is present:
    Hail Michael
    Hail Archangel Michael, Lord of Angels,
    Your Presence is always with us.
    Protect us from all forces of darkness,
    and bind the enemy within us.
    We take dominion over our lives,
    and manifest God’s kingdom on Earth.
    Holy Michael, Defender of Faith.
    we invoke your Blue-flame Sword.
    Cut us free from the lies of anti-christ,
    so we can pierce the veil of separation.
    We affirm our oneness with God,
    and form the Body of God on Earth.
    Hail All-powerful Michael
    Archangel Michael, free all life,
    from all that leads to war and strife.
    Expose the forces that do hide
    behind the ego’s fear and pride.
    From blindness clear our inner sight,
    let all be seen in truth and light.
    Archangel Michael, let your power,
    erase all darkness in this hour.
    Cut all people free from fear,
    consume all non-forgiveness here.
    Raise the Earth out of the night,
    and keep her always in your light.
    Hail Michael, Take Command
    Archangel Michael, take command,
    God government in every land.
    Raise up the torch of Freedom’s Flame,
    that all may know the “I AM” name.
    Humanity is now set free,
    one people under God to be.
    Archangel Michael, you are here,
    to keep our vision always clear.
    We form God’s Body here below,
    the open door for Grace to flow.
    As into action now we spring,
    the Golden Age we surely bring
    Hang the Photo above your bed or on your door
    Please reply to my answer because I truly wish to help you can email me if you wish

  8. if you rely think shes possed wear a cross dont ever take it off *accidently* spray her with holy water talk to a priest at your church about this

  9. i dont know a whole lot but this is a very sensetive area in my life and if you need someone to talk to… even though i am kinda young you can always talk to me and send me an email…(: i will try my hardest to give you the best advice possible… but i am just saying…i will be on God’s side all the way and most of the things i say will be Godly so if you do believe im Him or want to hear that… feel free to email me at any moment.. or when it gets too much (i know i am young…you dont have too:)

  10. if you are catholic…or dont mind a catholics help go to the nearist catholic church…tell them that you believe your sister is possessed and tell them what is going on, the priest might ask to see her, let him, then if they believe that is what is happening, they will probably quickly pray over her to tell god to keep her safe, then they will call the dioceses (they should have at least one exorsist to each diocese) then they will send him over (only like a 24 hour wait if that) and then they will take care of it and do all they can


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