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How do I cope with my "Dark Night" phase?

I think that I am experiencing what it feels like to face myself. I was raised Christian but came into a new understanding of Jesus, who I am, and the world around me. I saw the world with new eyes and it was beautiful. Then came a time when it felt like I lost it all. All that I knew or thought I knew. At one time my intuition was at an all time high, I now feel nothing. I feel as if I lost all knowledge and I know nothing. I’m confused and lost. I am not clinically depressed, I know this is a spiritual matter. It comes in spurts. I am fearful that my intentions are evil without my knowing it. I am fearful of my knew understanding as it isn’t what I was taught growing up. I’ve read that it is a time when you are shedding your ego and I couldn’t agree more because it feels as if I’ve lost all sense of self. I have no identity. I know that trying to find my way through the night. Have you ever gone through this? I need help


  1. Don’t know how old you are, but this is something I have gone through many, many, times in my life. There is absolutely nothing wrong. You are learning and questioning. I take these times as periods to self examine – to find what questions that I needed answered. I have more to learn about myself (not necessarily enough time to do it) and continue to question everything. EVERYTHING!
    It seems the older I become – the less I am sure about who I really am – but it is a fascinating journey and I look forward to further discovery. Relax. Enjoy.

  2. yes, I’ve been going through that for soon to be 7 years. It depends on the person, and to me I still can’t figure out who I am.
    I barely sleep at night, other than insomnia, thoughts seem to come to my mind at night time when I’m supposed to be sleeping.
    You should develop a better understanding of yourself,…. I don’t know what that means but it popped in my mind just now, I might not be the best to give you advice or solution but I just know how you feel.
    My situation is a bit different, I have the same symptoms, but i have developed depression and other problems like anger.. it comes with package it seems.
    I don’t know what to do either, but I reached a phase when I just couldn’t go further and I was about to do something stupid but I didn’t.. I wrote every single thought comes to me in one of those nights, once i collect a good deal of them, I start organize them, put them in the right order and shape to get poems or prose. Writing helped a lot, although I still have no idea who i am, but in time i will get to know myself better.
    learn from the very lil things in life, it is amazing what is happening to people like us, although it seems to be bad, sometimes you get confused, fear finds its way but the thing is, life gives you a second chance even if you were doing good before.

  3. Yes..I have…and…don’t despair..you have stepped off the “road map” you thought was your path to “spiritual” happiness…This happens to many people..but..most just superficially examine it…and very, very few have learned to use this chance to make meaningful and dramatic changes in their lives…I am not just talking about religion..anything that brought you inner contentment is worthy of examination…nothing is lost..if you do reconnect..it will be on a much deeper level..if you don’t connect..you will be much wiser as you travel your new path of enlightenment.. .think of this a “growing pains”..It is worth it…your growth will amaze and delight you:)

  4. Sadly Jewel, you seem not to have seen or to have ignored my previous response to your similar question earlier..
    Your/our consciousness and therefore awareness is changing as was planned a long while back before this lifetime..It is enormous and wonderful..TRUST!
    Trust what you feel or dont feel..Go with the flow..Cry the tears when they come..Yes, it*s coming in waves..Your intentions are NOT evil: that is a reflection of your Christian past when anything beyond the norm must be evil..Much, most exists beyond religion*s teachings which have been greatly altered over the centuries so as to now reflect little of the original truth..They began as Love and now teach fear..
    The truth IS very different to what religions teach..Your individual ego is changing, melting away to gradually reveal to you who and what you REALLY are, part of All That Is or God..
    Yes, I am still going through this but not as densely as when it began for me in years gone by..Each of us is different and chooses different approaches..This is NOTHING to fear, quite the reverse, for it is a freeing up of your spiritual self from past erroneous perceptions..
    God is still God and available within you as well as without, for God is universal and in all beings and all things..Nothing exists outwith God!
    Beyond ego there is a void, and loving surrender to our unseen God is the way forward..Ask your Angels to help you understand and deal with these feelings, many of which simply reflect aspects of your past, this lifetime and previously, for we are increasing our level of consciousness, as I pointed out in my previous answer to your similar question..Contact me if you feel to do so..I teach about this..

  5. this ‘dark night’ thing is your mind trying to reassert itself after a blissful episode. the sense of having no identity is really your identity sneaking in the back door – if you *actually* had no consciousness of identity you’d still be blissed out.
    just recognize it for what it is – your mind, scaring itself silly with the thought of its own non-existence, trying to adapt to a new understanding of the world, and complaining bitterly the whole way. if you detach from it, and sit back in your head watching it mumble to itself, you’ll actually find it fairly amusing.

  6. No, there is nothing wrong, Jewel. Life was not meant to be all chuckles and cute babies. You are not the first nor the last to have a crisis of faith. St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi, Christ Himself had a moment of doubt. The flesh you inhabit will guide you towards whatever makes it feel good. Hence the seven deadly sins. Know them and do not desire them and you will grow spiritually. Peace of mind is what you seek and spirituality will get you there.
    There is no need to be chaste or fast or be aesthetic. Learn your limits. For some people that takes a lifetime others “get it” much faster. You have had a glimpse of what it can be like. Just look at this as a speed bump. Slow down and smell the roses along the way. That’s what God has put all these things here for; our pleasure.
    Marvel at the Grand Canyon, be awed by the falls at Niagara. Let God take your breath away with His wonders.
    You are blessed, Jewel.

  7. It’s called crises. Remember that these kinds of inner conflicts are actually doorways opening to truth. You will emerge a wiser, lighter person. You are facing and walking through the fear of a belief system which you are letting go. We do not fully know what we are as universal beings at the core level. We are learning what we are not. It’s a process. Right now you are learning the power of thought and belief. You just happen to have internalized some fear-based religious beliefs. The point is to realize you are not your beliefs. You are experiencing how they have colored your world. You don’t always have to have high or any intuition. Don’t be concerned about those things. They are side effects on the pathway of truth that you haven’t come to know how to appreciate yet. You think you lost all knowledge, but what’s happening is you are vacillating, and it’s part of the integrative process that comes with all learning. That fluctuation becomes very evident in this type of higher learning because in the electromagnetism of thought, you are moving into a higher octave. There is a point of discomfort for many in transformation like this because of the depolarization taking place concerning two systems of thought. It is the truth that will set you free from all of this. Trust in God and ASK for for the truth. Then accept it. Acknowledge it. To think and say that you feel you may have evil intentions is to invalidate your God given power and sense. It is fear you feel in one of it’s many disguises, but fear is always just fear. It comes from your belief system and you are doing it to yourself. THAT is where you haven’t yet realized what you are doing. You aren’t facing yourself because you haven’t seen yourself yet. You are facing beliefs that you internalized and you need to take that responsibility. You do not understand yet or you would not be fearful of your understanding. Jesus said throughout the NT not to fear. He taught the truth and people made a graven image of him. He came to teach, not to be a proxy. It’s the Christ part you want and is what he came to give. It is a level of mind and living in you already. You are waking up to it. You will look back at this one day as old hat…and you will be in a position to help others. All the fear you feel is based on shadows you think are real. But perfect love casts out fear so stop hanging on to it. You have a free gift built into your design. All you have to do is see it. You will learn more because those who ask DO receive, and as you do you will turn the light on those shadows and they will disappear or “flee from you”. They actually don’t do anything because they never really were anything at all. Just shadows my dear. You will be alright. If it all gets to be too much then you can always give it a rest. Like I said before you don’t have to go to unfamiliar territory and be “New Age” of any of the labels people throw around. You are used to Jesus..so just stay with what he says. It all leads to the same place.

  8. It sounds like possibly you haven’t been Meditating or Praying. It helps us if we remind our selves of who we really are 3 or 4 times a day.
    Also, There are also times that if I have had a lot of light bulb moments and was filled with trurth, then would come a period of time that ZI would have to take out into the World and see what it was like to live in this world with my new awareness, and after awhile I would find myself in a fog like daze and just wandering for a while. Then I would go back to my Spiritual Studies and all was Okay, I would even be able to go higher in Aawareness.
    Those are the only comparisons I have.
    Bless You


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