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how do i convince my mom to give it back ?

my name is bellia my twin hokua and i are in a bad situation. we’re wiccan and our parents found out and they took our book of shadow we each had our own and they took both of them. we want them back they are very important to us. our parents are christian. our book of shadows is as important to us as the bible is to a christian. we want our books back. how do we convince our mom to give them back to us? do we threaten her with the bible? argue with her? or sneak, take them , and get in trouble for iot ? help us plz? thank you!
FYI: Wicca is not evil ! it’s not dabbling with the devil we do not believe in the devil.
– Bellia and Hokua. )O( Blessed Be !
a book of shadows is a journal where we keep our spells experiences things we learn about wicca things like that. its way different than the bible its hand written by the person themselves. to get a new book would be strange because we would write new things in it and we would lose all the other things we had written we want our books back. and we cant have just 1 back becuse they are both very different. and we dont do voodoo, we dont cast hexes because there arent rly any good non evil ones, and thats not the kind of spells we cast. you cant just cast a spell and poof you got ur books back it doesnt work that way. we are offended by some of the comments posted.
we are 14 going on 15 on june 15th
we are american in the usa
thnx summer you are rly understanding and you are one of the few ppl that understand and dont offend us . 🙂
we do cast spells and we know witchcraft is not just wiccan we are wiccan witches we cast spells circles make and use potions we meditate, etc.


  1. Scare the s’hit out of her by saying made up spells. Also, wave your hands around.
    *Hocus pocus, oogedy boogedy!*
    FYI: I don’t care whether wicca is “evil” or not. All that matters is that it is just as fake as any other religion.
    Get offended all you want. What are you going to do, hex me?

  2. Tape ugly Bible verses all over the house. I don’t know anything about the “Book of Shadows”, but it probably isn’t nearly as obscene as the Bible. If their book is so beautiful and holy, they should have no problem with it.

  3. You might as well learn early in life – there will always be people that don’t like what you believe and will try to change you.
    Your parents taking your Book of Shadows is their way of trying to change you – nothing you can do about it. Christians can be very narrow-minded and stubborn about their beliefs.
    You have to find some way to either get your books back, or seek help and guidance from another Wiccan. I don’t know your beliefs that well, perhaps there is a way to acquire a new book?

  4. if i am correct, then wicca is a (for lack of a better phrase) white magic? you are messing with something that you do not understand. there is no such thing as white magic. p.s. you’d better believe in the devil…

  5. If you are of any credible age (old enough to drive) explain to mom that you are exploring alternative religions. You’re not committed or devil worshipers, but you need to explore this as part of your maturing into a believing adult.
    If you’re still wet behind the ears and trying to push mom’s buttons, you failed.

  6. For now, I would get a book of shadow at the library and put a paper bag cover on it, and write ‘MATH’ on it. Be careful with it, however.
    I would wait a week or so for your parents to ‘cool off,’ as I’d imagine they are upset about this. Once they do, respectfully tell them that you have decided to practice a new belief, and though it is different from theirs, you would like it if they would respect it and allow it, and return your book.
    If they say no, continue remain respectful to their religion, while secretly practicing Wicca with your ‘math’ book and when you move out, they have no control over what religion you chose to practice.
    Good luck 🙂
    Edit: I just read your additional information. I’m sorry, as I misunderstood what your book of shadows was. You can scratch my whole ‘math’ book idea.
    I’m sorry that you are getting so many poor responses, some people can be rude and ignorant. 🙁

  7. Ask your goddess or cast a spell to help you get your books back & to help you & your parents deal with this & work it out together so that you guys may live in harmony again. Then ask her to sit down with you guys & calmly talk about it, without any fighting or punishments.. as UNrudely or offensively as possible..ask her why she can believe what she does & have books for it, but you cannot. (Are you in America? Remind her it’s a country that fought for freedom..people come here for freedom of religion..If not, nevermind this part) Talk to her about it..Explain to her that you DO have a goddess & all.. & that you are NOT worshiping the devil or evil spirits, that you do not cast spells for harm (maybe even leave her in the dark about some things for now.) Just make sure she understands that you are not evil or any of the other things Wiccans are commonly portrayed as.
    I wish the best of luck to both of you!
    )O( Blessed Be! )O(
    Edit: May we know how old you guys are? It COULD help…
    *thank you, I believe you guys are old enough to find the religion you believe in. May it be that you have chosen (maybe you were born feeling this) to experiment or not. Either way, you are old enough to decide for yourself. Be mature about it & try explaining it to them better. Tell your mother that, while you are not Christian, you respect her being one, so it would mean a lot to you if she respected your religion.
    Another edit: You guys suggesting they just “get another book” or “go to the library”…a Book of Shadows is a book that you write in yourself, it is custom to each individual. You cannot just grab another like you can a Bible. If her parents destroy them, they would possibly destroy any spells or potions or experiences these girls have written down in them.

  8. Tell her that stealing is against her religion, explain your religion to her calmly (you can write an essay explaining your beliefs), and wait until you move out and are on your own which would have been the smart thing to do. You are 14, she can still control what you do, what you have, and where you go. Learning to deal with the critics is part of being part of any religion.
    I have a concern – All I read in your details was about spells. Wicca is not witchcraft, there’s a difference. Not all witches are Wiccan, not all Wiccans are witches. Witchcraft is not religion specific. If you don’t know this, you haven’t done enough research. A book of shadows is a place for all information regarding your religion, not just spells.

  9. 1) you shouldn’t have hid your practice from your parents. THIS is why they took your books, not only because they believe it’s against their religion, but because you lied (lied by omition).
    2) It’s their house, and their rules. As much as it sucks to hear this, it’s true. If they don’t want you practicing Wicca in their house, then you can’t. Under the law you are minors in their care and must do as they say (again I know this sucks, but it’s the way things go).
    3) the information you put in your books can be put back into another one. It’s just a thing, Wicca is not about the things, but spirituality. If you can’t get past that, then you’re not practicing Wicca right.
    I STRONGLY suggest you sit down with your parents and have a rational CALM discussion about your beliefs and practices, to get them to better understand your side. If they’re still adamant that you not practice, you unfortunatly have to do what they say. They’re not trying to ruin your life, they’re not out to get you as you may think they are. Your parents are NOT evil demons trying to destroy you, they’re your parents and only want what’s best for you. Wicca has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere, you can wait the extra 5 or so years so you can get a place of your own and practice what you will when you want without your parents peering into what you do.
    Talk with them or you’re going to lose a lot more than just your Book of Shadows.
    **I DON”T recommend:
    -Stealing back the books (they’re probably in the trash anyways)
    -Casting a spell (goes against your Rede)
    -fighting against them in any way (when two sides push on opposite sides of a wall the wall doesn’t move)
    Patience is a virtue


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