How do I convince my friend not to become Wiccan?

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My friend is considering becoming a Wiccan, and while I’m very open minded about religion and have listened to what she has to say, I really don’t want her to do this. I did my homework and read a lot about it, and I know they are Satanists or anything, but it is the religion of Witchcraft. I’m a Christian, and in the Bible it says witches=bad. I really don’t want her to do this- I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least talk to her, but I don’t know how. Any tips, please?

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Show her The Wiccar man film

The Brain

what other people do as long as they dont break the law should be of no concern to you

Invisible Talker

You don’t. If you are her friend, then you will respect her choice to practise a religion that is as legitimate as yours.


“thou shalt not tollerate a witch” something like that…
Why care? seriously?…
Why force her to change her belief, she apparently isn’t trying to convert you.
Biggest program with bible bashers is those who force their beliefs on others.


Well, if you dont want that friend to end up in HELL….

Thor's Wrath

Guilt and Fear.


It’s not your decision to make.


Realize that she is making her decision and accept her. If you know she is a good person, then let her believe what she wants to believe. Stop thinking it’s threatening, and think WWJD, which is not judge and accept her.

Prove that I don't exist

You don’t.
“I’m very open minded about religion”
“I’m a Christian, and in the Bible it says witches=bad.”
How very “open minded” of you.

Praire Crone

How about minding your own business? After all she is using her own free will. Perhaps she doesn’t like you being a christian but she is minding her own business and is your friend anyway.
Her path is different than yours and she hears the call of another way. Interfering in anothers path only causes pain and misery for that person and bad karma for you in the future.


‘I’m open minded about religion’
‘Witches = bad’
Spot the contradiction?
If you want her to have freedom of religion, let her become wiccan. If you don’t want her to have freedom of religion, try to stop her. It’s your choice now.
And, by the way, reading the Bible does not count as ‘doing your homework’, when investigating a religion, look at it from a third person’s perspective and not through the veil of your own faith.


So, let me get this straight…
You want to use your unsupported belief n a bronze-age book of fairy tales to convince your friend not to commit to a balanced, largely self-directed religion?
*shaking my head*
Listen, three notes –
1. Wicca is a religion. Some Wiccans are witches, and some are not.
2. The correct translation, in your book, of “Witches,” should have been “poisoners.” James deliberately corrupted the translation of the Attick Greek and Latin so as to conform with the contemporary witch craze in Europe.
3. I’ve been both a Wiccan and a Witch for nearly 20 years. There’s nothing unhealthy, scary or harmful about practicing my faith. I have to tell you staright up that your question is offensive. Imagine someone who was, say, Islamic, saying the same thing about a friend of hers who was considering converting to Christianity.


First of all, witches are not bad.
Your friend just wants to explore something that interests her. If you’re really her friend, you’ll accept her, no matter what religion she decides to practice. It is not “the religion of Witchcraft”. Not all Wiccans practice witchcraft, although many do. Not all witches are Wiccan either; I consider myself pagan and a practicing witch, but definitely not Wiccan. Believe it or not, we are just regular people you see every day. We’re far from evil.

Atheist Recon Team6

I hardly believe you when you said that you did research on Wicca; for if you truly had done real research you would not be making up those false statements regarding Wicca.


Talk to her and tell her how you feel and why. If becoming a Wiccan is still important to her, then accept it. If you can’t just leave it at that, then pray for her – something I’m sure she won’t mind, even if she doesn’t agree with what you’re praying for. But if you are truly her friend and Wicca is where she is felt led, then you must accept that it is her decision to make. You don’t have to accept witchcraft, but you can at least accept your friend finding a religion that makes them happy and gives them peace and be happy for that.
Keep in mind when you’re talking to her, that if she has a Christian upbringing, she likely knows what your arguments are. Once you’ve made your case, be prepared to drop it when they tell you they disagree with your arguments. Good luck, and remember that you are friends with them for a reason.


Finally someone who is actually sane!


her religious choices shouldn’t be any choice of yours. she’s not killing anyone, so leave her alone.


How would you like it if your friend tried to convince *you* to stop being Christian? Would you find it rude, presumptuous, disrespectful, and wrongheaded? Because if she has decided that Wicca is the path for her, that’s exactly how you’ll come across. What right do you have to tell your friend what religion to follow? What makes you think you know better than she does what spiritual path is right for her? If you value your friendship with this girl, you’ll respect her enough to let her make her own choices. She’s not being inducted into some harmful cult that’s going to take all of her money and isolate her from her friends and family; she’s just pursuing a spiritual path that’s different from yours. Again, put yourself in her shoes; if your positions were reversed, and she were to start telling you how oppressive and terrible Christianity is and that you shouldn’t be a Christian, how would you feel?


If you had the slightest bit of intelligence out side of the bible you would understand that it is nothing more than a love of nature. They don’t worship anything except nature and they hate only those who would destroy her. Grow up.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

You need to more be honest with yourself.
If you don’t want someone to do anything religiously that is against the Bible, you are NOT being tolerant. Darn near EVERY religion is against the Bible, since the Bible commands people to worship only th god of the Christians.
In addition, Wicca is NOT witchcraft.
In addition, “witchcraft” in the Bible refers to malevolent magic, not the more generic uses of magic the word is used to refer to today.
Wicca is a religion. We are polytheists. If you want to be tolerant, you should let your friend follow her own path and respect her choice. Saying “I really don’t want you to join a new religion because my religion says it’s bad” is completely not what tolerance is about.

Kelli S

Talk to her, but not about how she shouldn’t be doing this, but why she’s interested in it. Don’t try to change her mind, it’s not your place, but listen to what she says. You might just find it’s a good path for you as well… This is the time for you to choose what you’re going to do, are you going to let your friend be herself, and still be friends or are you going to force your opinions on her and maybe end a friendship…


It is not the “religion of Witchcraft.”Wicca embraces Witchcraft, sees nothing wrong with it, and many Wiccans do practice Witchcraft.
But there are Witches in all religions– Christian Witches, Jewish Witches, Pagan Witches, even atheists.
So your Bible says Witchcraft is wrong.
There are books that say the Bible is wrong. And books that say those books are wrong.
No matter what you do, someone thinks you are wrong for doing it.
People have to follow their beliefs, not someone else’s. You should not deny your friend her freedom to follow the path she sees fit for her. You already said you studied up enough about Wicca to know that they are not doing anything “evil”, if you’ve read enough you probably realize Wiccans have high moral standards and believe in striving to be good, caring, compassionate, responsible, hard-working people.
Wicca is not going to make her a danger to herself or society, so the rest is up to her.
Perhaps you are the wrong one, perhaps the Bible was miswritten or mistranslated by men and God doesn’t really care what religion your friend practices… you want that on your head, that you turned her from what may be her true path that might lead her to a very spiritually fulfilling life and a great relationship with God? All because she doesn’t use the same names or books you do?
I’ve had to end friendships over the years with Christians who think they need to save me; I find it an arrogant and petty and selfish and short-sighted attitude and it frustrates me. However, I do have some very wonderful Christian friends, my best friend a fundamentalist Christian, who does not try to belittle the faith I hold dear or change me and leaves it between me and God.
The choice is yours: have respect for your friend, or put your religion first if you’re so sure and risk losing her or turning her from her true path if you’re the wrong one.

Child of Venus

I understand that you are concerned about your friend, but you really don’t need to be. What she needs from you is support because I’m sure other people in her life aren’t going to be as open about it as you say you are. Wicca is not necessarily the religion of witchcraft, although Wiccans often do practice witchcraft as well. Not all Wiccans are witches, and not all witches are Wiccans. However, even if she plans on also practicing witchcraft, you still don’t need to worry. Witchcraft is not bad, and the Bible only openly condemns witchcraft because it was mistranslated by King James. The passage should have been “thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live”, but King James was trying to Christianize England and to do that, he had to convince the pagan practitioners of witchcraft to convert, and so he mistranslated the Bible to suit his own agenda. Witchcraft literally translates to “craft of the wise” from the Old English wiccacraeft (pronounced weetchacraft) from the words wicca (weetchah meaning wise man) or wicce (weetchay meaning wise woman) and craeft meaning craft or skill. Witches simply use herbal remedies (potions) and manipulate natural energy with their will in order to effect a change (spells). If she’s Wiccan, she won’t believe in using magic to cause unnecessary harm, and if she’s not hurting anyone, what’s the problem? You should respect your friend’s choice and support her. If her beliefs bother you, make a point in mentioning that you’d rather that neither of you talk about religion anymore, but that means that you can’t talk about religion either. Hope things work out for you.
Venus Bless


Oooooh, you mean your friend left the misogynistic teachings of “teh holeh bibleh” to a more polarity belief that honors both genders and humans alike?
You should learn more about history and how Christianity is really a bastardization of Judaism and Pagan, but since I know that Christians tend to hate ANYTHING that opposes it (even history and evolution) here’s a script to help my point: (Jeremiah 10:1-5)
CHRISTmas is PAGAN! Straight out of the proverbial bat!
Makes you more humble to see you’re the one who should be apologizing to her, doesn’t it?
If not, congratulations, you’re a TRUE bigoted Christian. 😀


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