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How do I control peoples' bad energies when I'm out?

Okay, when I go out, to the gym, a night in town, or even drive around, I feel I am surrounded by a lot of negative people whom carry bad vibes. How do I block their energies for good and for all. Some people have told me to start acting differently but I just can’t.
I cannot.
I notice that the moment you try and be someone else people are always trying to get the best of you.
How do you guys deal with this, for those of you who get attention and all.


  1. That is true, alot of low intelligence people tend to have bad attitudes and negativity. The best thing to do is to tune them all out, and walk around like you’re the only person there. because chances are they don’t even notice you.

  2. Try to ignore the feelings you get and just have fun. You can prove to yourself these vibes are nothing by starting conversations with a few strangers. After doing this you will realize not everyone is bad. You might get a few bad experiences doing this, but the majority of us are great people.


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