How do I control my new found psychokinesis powers?

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I can move objects with my mind, but only when I’m stoned. Let me explain.
Exactly three weeks ago I was walking back to my dorm room after smoking a blunt in this field behind it. I went to attempt to throw my water bottle into a trash can a solid 15-20 feet away. Before I could even throw it, the bottle flew from my hand and swished into the trash can. I stood there for a second stunned. I hadn’t even pulled my arm back to throw it. I rationalized the whole thing by just thinking how stoned I was.
Today, I was hanging out with a couple other guys and we were just about to smoke a second bowl. My friend says “pass me the grinder,” and I look down at it and it slides across the table to him. We all saw it and immediately freaked out. I told them my experience the past week and they tried to get me to recreate it. I couldn’t. It seemed I couldn’t do it when I consciously thought about it.
Has anyone heard about this outside of Matilda / Star Wars? How can I control this and do this on command?

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you dont hav any powers… you were stoned and didnt know what was happening…!


this isnt actually happening to you you’re just imagining it as your always stoned, get of the weed or what ever it is your taking, or try and get help for it, and you wont be moving stuff by not moving anymore, goodluck


I think that there’s a good chance you WERE doing telekinesis. I do believe it exists out there, as I’ve seen it happen to certain people in my life. I’ve also heard a lot of stories about people doing it subconsciously and without their will.
MAYBE when you were stoned, you were subconsciously tapping into your telekinetic ability. And the reason it had to happen subconsciously is because your conscious mind inhibits it from doing it. Think about it this way, when you dream, an unlimited no. of possibilities happen bc your subconscious takes over and your conscious mind isnt active. When your consciousness is gone and not there to tell you “its impossible,” it suddenly DOES become possible.
Also, if you wanna be able to control it on command, I suggest you practice it. There are sites online that are like guides. Look up psychokinesis or telekinesis. is also a good intro.
So yeah, sry for the long answer. Hope this helps.


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