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How do I control empathy and telepathy?

Seems like I’ve always had telepathy and empathic tendencies. Lately I have been so telepathic that I’ve been responding to people’s thoughts before they verbalize them. Reliably, I can find anything hidden in any room, even if I’ve never seen the room before.
One problem I have is I can hardly stand to go to work anymore. I feel constantly distracted by one co-worker’s negative energy and thoughts which are often directed at me, even though he never speaks with me. I followed up on this hunch with my supervisor, who informed me every day that this guy has something bad to say about me and my other coworkers. I found this out -after- almost quitting because of the negative energy I felt there.
I’m not crazy (yet), I hope I’m not alone in having these problems. What are ways to control telepathy and empathy, and do you think I should work on developing this more?
On finding hidden items- I need to have access to a person who hid/lost something, then I can kinda tune into their thoughts and find it. Basically by mind reading and retracing steps. But yeah I’ll try your experiment too :>


  1. Ok first when ever you want to block out certain thoughts just picture a place in side your mind some where calm and reassuring there count backwards from 10 this should help

  2. If you could really find anything hidden in any room you could quit work and hire yourself out as a lost car key and engagement ring finder.
    But first you should test yourself to see if you really have that ability, get someone to hide something and then see if you can go to it straight away (finding something by looking in all the drawers and under the couch isn’t paranormal), make sure the person observing you doesn’t know where the object is hidden either or they may inadvertently give you subconscious clues.
    Then you should prove your abilities to the world by winning one of the many skeptic challenges.

  3. Visualize a bright light emitting from the top of your head and cascading down upon you. When the light reaches your shoulders, visualize it encircling you and protecting you from the negative thoughts and feelings from others. Visualize this light barrier helping you to keep your psychic energy within the boundaries of your mind-body field.

  4. One way to control it is not look directly at him if your not in the mood to feel his thoughts telepathically, or not think of him. I believe this is how thoughts pop into your head, is when both persons can see one another at the same time thinking something about one another. This happens to me too, with people and spirits that I see.
    Perhaps another way to look at this gift is to realize perhaps you are to help this person out knowing they have a personal problem, knowing their thoughts. Turn the negative into positive, you have the ability to help him since you know his thoughts. If you reflect on this thought you may realize your purpose for your gift.

  5. before you leave your house, surround yourself with a white light (mentally) and pull it in as close to your body as you can. It’s a baseline shield and it works. If things get bonkers, take a bathroom break and rebuild, After a while shielding becomes second nature, and it’s totally doable-drops about 80% of random noise. Just remember to unshield when you want to help someone!

  6. There are some incidence that I experienced that is similar to your “responding to people’s thoughts before they verbalize them”.
    For me, concentration seems to be able to control some of these but they are just temporary. I tend to focus on something else to distract such activities, or think of something else.

  7. I agree with Dr. Nightcall…. sounds to me like you need to sheild yourself. in addition to the white light, try the violet flame. I find this one works the best for me. White light keeps baddies at bay, but doesn’t seem to help me absorb others negativity. http://thevioletflame.tripod.com/
    As far as verbalizing others thought before they say it… you just need to pay attention there. learn to recognize when you’re picking up someone else’s thoughts and respond accordingly.

  8. Try making a block wall in your mind… I’m not that experti on emapthy or telepathy… But try my technique! Hope I helped! : )


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