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How do I continuously project or emit my aura or my psychic energy?

I really need more energy and more confidence. I would like to project my aura and to keep it expanded around me. I can change the color, but I have a hard time keeping it expanded. How do I do this? ALSO….how do I generate ENERGY within my own field?


  1. You must stop that behaviour immediately, because it is dark sided and not of our saviour Jesus Christ.
    If you should die before you wake, I pray the Lord your soul to take.

  2. find a site with people more helpful and open with this issue than yahoo answers, since most people here will either take the piss, chastise you for not conforming to common religious practise, or…yeah, take the piss.
    try http://www.wingmakers.co.nz …and yeah, hope all this stuff is actually real.

  3. Easy, just pray the lord, our savior.
    Just kidding, auras and gods don’t exist, just stick to the real world, plenty to do there.

  4. remember “knee jumps”? where you hold one foot and jump over your leg with the other foot?
    well you have to do 10 of those while beat-boxing, and then people will be like, “hey you know that dude who does leg humps? his aura be off tha hizook yo!! it’s so projectified!”

  5. i used to think i wasen’t psy, until i noticed pictures came to me that came real. so some advice is to focus on the color’s noise and create a mental field around you with that noise. whatever you focus on is what is projected.


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