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How do I contact my spirit guide?

Please, anyone who doesn’t believe in them or has come her to criticize me, leave now.
Anyways, does anyone know how to?
I am quite reluctant to use a Ouija board, so don’t suggest it. Plus, all you will do is attract demons.
Has anyone ever contacted their spirit guide?
I want to learn about him or her and if I have more than one. Please, if you have any stories about how you contacted them, please tell me.
~Peace and Love to All~
The call 6-6-6 thing wasn’t funny.
Guardian angel.

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  1. You can go on ebay and find spirit guide readers they will read your spirit guide and tell you about it. i also heard that they can channel your spirit guide through themselfves so you can chat with them over the internet on like im. or you can sit or lie down in a quiet atmosphere wherever you feel comfortable and ask for your spirit guide to reveal himself and try to communicate with him. you have to believe it or you can ask your spirit guide to show him/herself in your dream tonight
    hope this helped! good luck!

  2. This answer is for all who would read this question, not just the asker.
    The best way to answer your question is to highlight the fact that you’re dealing with purely faith beliefs. In other words, religion. There is a religion & spirituality category especially for questions like this. Faith beliefs are by nature vague, arbitrary and subjective with no scientific backing, so the answer to your question will vary from person to person, and none of them are going to be more or less correct than the others. In fact, none of them may be correct, and in fact I think not.
    You did ask this within the Science & Mathematics category, so the best answers to your questions that can be given in keeping with the scientific nature of this category is that spirit guides are not even known to exist in the first place. It is only folklore at this point. So, the only way to “contact” your spirit guide is to imagine one. And that’s exactly what people do, all the while swearing that these “spirit guides” are real. Regarding Ouija boards, please feel free to have fun with one. They don’t do anything but conjure power of suggestion, fear and superstition, but if you know that’s all they do, they can still be quite a bit of spooky fun especially if played with superstitious people. Nobody has ever produced evidence of a demon, while we’re talking about it.

  3. According to Sylvia Browne you imagine you are in a garden wearing a white gown, then you imagine a gazebo, whereupon your imaginary spirit guide will suddenly emerge and reveal themselves.
    Of course we all know Sylvia is the biggest fake evah!

  4. TR…First of all spirit guides have really nothing to do with religion.
    I have had a straight four year contact with my spirit guide name Erica. She still pops in now and then. I really never gave spirit guides much thought, they actually came to me, or they were sent by God. I was in prayer to God for help and protection for me and my son. That very night they came. I am not sure if they all were my guides, two were men and really haven’t communicated. But the woman Erica talks a lot, out loud, whispers, and telepathically, and gives me answers in dream form. I was able to call her in, but for safety reasons I usually always pray to God for protection, then I talk to her before bed, and sometimes she shows up. They usually show up when your asleep, although you will be aware when your guide communicates, either in dream form, or you may hear their voice while asleep, I was able to see her as well as my third eye opens. I have seen her many times fully awake. She even gave me messages through past life memories that she helped me remember. We were very very close in our first past life together. We communicate in so many ways, I never knew were possible, even when I astral traveled to meet her.
    Spirit guides don’t always show up when we want them to. They don’t want us to depend on them for every little thing. She came to my aid at that time a lot, because she came to encourage me to go on and to raise my son. My spirit was very hurt, and she seem to always know that, she would come to hug, hold my hand, and comfort me….she even wakes me up when my son is ill. It was scary at first because I thought she was a ghost, but once the communication first went through, it was so beautiful, my first thought was she’s an angel. She is so gentle, compassionate and comforting.

  5. Do you mean a spirit guide as far as an American Indian sees one, or as something like a Guardian Angel? Or something else?

  6. I think its probably all up to you as to how you make contact with your guardian angel, or perhaps they make the contact with you?
    “Adults With Imaginary Friends:
    Most children grow out of imaginary friends, Newman says. But in some cases an imaginary friend can emerge in adulthood, usually in response to trauma, inability to cope with stress and sometimes psychotic illness.
    In rare cases some adults develop what’s known as Doppelganger syndrome, which occurs when they believe a twin or invisible friend accompanies them.
    “Other people believe in angels and guardian angels, and they don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary about that,” she says.
    Bouldin says her study suggests children with imaginary friends can readily access fantasy themes and may develop sophisticated information processing skills.
    But she says it could also be that children with imaginary friends are simply more willing to discuss their fantasies than those without.”

  7. haha ha TR if you only knew i think you would not be able to handle it and to answer this question they usualy come in your dreams and also lots of maditation lol

  8. Ebay has some stuff. Check around in your area and mediums usually have workshops/classes on do it. There are plenty of books on how to contact them. Most of have what I have learned is to meditate to talk to them. They do have a angel board. I don’t know how you would feel about that. Some say its just as bad as a ouija board and some say you are with angels so how can it bad. If you pray ask God to give you some signs. I’m still a working progress on finding out who mine is. I was told I have already have heard mine bye telling a medium the story on how I heard the angel’s voice. She was accurate on everything she told me so why wouldn’t she be accurate on this too right?.!

  9. Hello *Me*,
    Not many people are brave enough to ask a question like this in such a public place, especially as harsh as people can and will unfortunately be. I have to say that it makes me proud to know you want more information on the matter.
    First of all you can call me *T*. First let me completely assure you that Spirit Guides very much do exist. No it isn’t a public proven fact nor will it be anytime soon. TR is not crazy nor are most who say they have one. You see people these days have a hard time opening themselves up to something that may leave them vulnerable or make them feel weird upon closer observation. Honestly in my personal opinion people should make a habit of trying the object of criticism out for size before they make their judgments. (And if a may add to those who have tried with out success, it takes time and research, the more you learn on the subject the closer you are to piercing the veil)
    Stay away from the Quija board! And no it does not bring in demons but it does allow bad influence in and things can be misinterpreted very easily. you see there are no demons but there are spirits (dark entities) that have chosen to reject God and his laws of humanity, integrity, compassion, and nonjudgmental love and they mean no good for white entities. The difference between demons (which do not exist) and dark entities is, dark entities cannot physically harm you or posses you in any way. They also do not stay in spirit form long enough to influence your mind they go straight in to incarnate once again, meaning they go right back into life after they die. The dark entities are the people in your life that you consider life sucking uncaring and they seem to manipulate everything to get you to trust them just to hurt you again. It is there sole purpose to drain the light of a white entity, to bring them to a feeling of despair. So once again don’t be afraid of demons or demon spirits, it’s those in your life that try to cause you pain to be aware of.
    To get back on point. Spirit Guides, very much real and watching over you at this very moment. I have not yet successfully heard my spirit guides voice or talked with him/her yet but we do communicate through signs,which become very obvious as time goes on. The more you learn as i said earlier the easier it is to communicate.
    It is important that you give yourself enough time to listen to your body and mind, and once you have quieted yourself start to feel the energy within You, an energy we all tend to forget exists. Allow it to fill your torso near your heart and let it travel to your limbs, feel the small but growing presence. Dont’ let that feeling go, be open let it flow inside you, ask God for his protection and white holy light to surround you, but be sure not to forget to ask your angels and your past loved ones to protect you, to surround you in love. The more you ask the more you believe and the easier it is for them to come through and communicate with you. I have a wonderful meditation that has and still is helping me connect. If you are interested and would like to try it you can email me i will gladly talk to you more and give you more information. I shall not give to much information in this place for I will surely be skewered with criticism. But all is well and i hope beyond hope that you find your connection with your guide soon. I would love to talk to you about what i know so like i said if you’re interested please feel free drop me a message.
    *T* E-mail: its-what-u-do-with-it@hotmail.com. ….Aim: outwardripple
    P.S. Please don’t feel intimidated i am friendly and I’m no old lady quite the contrary


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