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How do I connect to the consciousness of the collective whole?

I mean how do I feel that sense of currency (being current, up-to-date, trendy) that I used to feel when I was in high school (I’m in college now)? How do I feel like I’m thinking with the terms of the collective whole of society?
In short – How do I stay trendy (I’m a 20 year old college guy)?


  1. really?!
    Find a group of people that you think are cool and work your way into their good graces… that way they’ll tell you what to like and how to dress… maybe even what to major in and who to marry.
    Good luck!

  2. Through meditation processes this can be achieved. For this, first you have to join in some Yoga classes and learn some techniques for physical exercises and mental exercises. Then you can try.

  3. I think you have to say the word “dude” a lot, like “dude chill” or “dude wassup?”. Every third time you say “dude” switch to “bro”, like “hey bro what’s happenin”. That should do it.

  4. I thought a lot about this question in my 20s too, and explored many options.
    Honestly, the simplest expression of the “now” is the astrology of the outer planets. Wacky at it may seem (and probably is) they describe perfectly what you are seeking!
    There are three arenas of pop culture which express the “now”. Select one and basically embody that astrological god, so to speak:
    1. Uranus signifies mass media, technology, geekiness, sci-fi, and all trends in sports and global fads such as soccer and so on. This is hard edged leisure, like extreme sports and other such things. Adrenaline highs. It also includes the subcultures of piercings, tattoos, raves, and using Es. The first generation hippies were uranian.
    2. Neptune expresses vogues in fashion, style, glamor, the myths and epics and kind of music that we consider glamorous and hot. It is fanciful, glittery, silly, frivolous, and a lot of fun. The gothic, emo, and new romantic subcultures fall into this, as well as modern hippies.
    3. Pluto embodies fixations, rages, and compulsive passions for environment, culture, activism. It’s what we call in mainsteam culture either “cutting edge” or “super-freaky. In your generation is takes the form of academic rebellion and anti-authoritarianism.
    I have found these three avenues for staying trendy relatively fruitless in the end.
    As a result, in my experience if you want to be current, you must abandon all seeking for approval from your contemporaries and seek among the dead for your inspiration. The classic great thinkers, poets, writers, scientists, and leaders remain forever current, trendy, and active in our culture. As a result, classicism is forever new, forever current, forever cutting edge and radical.
    So if you want to be truly modern, you will have to look to the great mass of humanity who are not living at the same time as us and emmerse yourself completely in the past for a few years, long enough to become a contemporary of any age, and then you will find you stand apart from the crowd.
    Folk who chase fads will reach their thirties and be has-beens. People who seek the great teachers of the ages remain current forever. Your choice.

  5. Young people can have a lot of energy. Energy has a natural currency and it is easy to share. As I try to cram lots of knowledge, pass exams, get a job, a career, the energy gets lost. That is the trend. The energy becomes subverted into a petty, selfish, lifestyle. I might have an energy to succeed, be skillful, find a place in society, but it is a petty energy, not a free, unlimited, natural energy. In society the consciousness is fragmented into categories, groups, organizations, countries, religions. There is a collection of parts but no whole. The trend would be to be a member of some parts, and to think in terms of fragments. Thinking about all of that for yourself, aware of the fragmentation, there is the whole.

  6. As soon as you graduate, pick a continent that needs your skills, and join the Peace Corps. In the meantime develop those skills with great dedication.


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