How do i conjure spirits to appear from the 6th and 7th books of moses?

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Below is my story of an unsuccessful spirit conjuration method from the 6th and 7th books of moses..

I reprint the magick seals from the 6th and 7th books of moses,i then re-run the reprint seal with blood ink of a dove and wrote Araritha at the back of each seal.
I then sprinkle six rose flower powder on the seals because i could not find biafra powder to buy before puting all the seals in a ram horn.I fasted from the first day of the month 6pm – 12noon daily for 13 days,On the 13th day at 10pm.I cast a magick circle on the floor in my room using white native chalk.
I consecreated all my magickal apparatus using prayers from the book according to the laws of entrance.I lighted 3 yellow candles in the circle.I recited the gown prayers before putting it on.
On my enterance to the circle,i called upon the angels ruling that hour,day and i recited circle consecration prayers.
I now place the seal of obedience in the middle of the circle.I drew the seal of obedience on white patchment paper because i dont want to make mistake while drawing it on white silk cloth.
I then read the pope declaration.I did the conjuration of angel for that day 3 times from the key fo the six and seven books of moses but he did not appear.
I then proceeded by conjuring spirit phuel 10 times,holding his seal on my left hand and wand on my right hand in the circle but he did not appear but i still recited the dismisal invocation 4 times.NO APPEARANCE with the other spirits i conjured.
I also recited the semiphora with the semiphora seal #2 on my left hand and my wand on my right hand in the circle to collect wind but no strong wind manifested.
I left the circle with closing prayers and thanking the Lords Angels for assisting me in my work even though i did not see them and feel their presence.
I have repeated this experiment daily but no appearance of spirit.
I will like to know the cause of my failure
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Mind you, 6th & 7th BOM. isn’t a literature or science text book and it is not for kids or novice’s, there’s more to it than the eye can see… you need to be disciplened and be God fearing before you can operate with it, so that you can attract and control angels and spirits of your choice..


My first attempt was when two friends of mine brougth a copy of 6th/7th BOM, and said it belongs to one them, that they don’t know how to use it. And I mockingly asked them what do they need from the book ? one said he needs money to start business, the second said, he want’s love from a girl… I conjured the spells from the 2nd & 3rd seals in the 6th book of moses without seeing any spirit.. And to my amazement in the evening of that same day they both came and testify of wonders that still baffles me to this day… the one of money said when he was having nap in the noon, that he was wokened by noise of rushing winds like rainfall was approaching, so he quickly got up to pack his laundry from outside, only to discover there was no sign of rain and getting back to his room he noticed some drops of water on the floor, while on the bed he saw about 16 bundles of 1000 naira notes which first scared him, but later rememberd what I told him, ”not to be scared whenever he see’s the unexpected” .


Hi pls can u help me teach me how to use the BOM. Pls help me to get my desires fulfilled pls.

Allen kwabena Afun_terry

hi there, my name is Allen and i will like if you can conjure money from 6th/7th BOM.
i will also love if you can teach me as o how to use it, but for now i need money to start business. please help. thanks
we can communicate on myg-mail.


EHABAHE INNOCENT, pls can u help me and conjure for me I need serious help nothing is moving for me. My name is Fred Agu Ibeabuchi

Prophet Malachi

Hi everyone looking for the original The 6th and 7th Books of Moses – Here is the link, Get one here : The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

Nana kofi dwomo

I need original key to 6 And 7 book of moses


be my spiritual teacher pls


pls I want someone to teach me how to use the book,I hope u can help me pls,because things are getting out of hand in my life


I really need one seriously


Please I really want to no how to use the book can someone help here?

Malcolm Stanton

Hi Malachi i am a researcher who studies ancient hidden religions and am intrigued by the sixth and seventh books of moses thanks for the link.

Living stone

Please I want to be a billionaire how can you help me to achieve my dream

Michael Owusu

Pls hlp me to get one copy of the 6th n 7th book of moses


I have calling and it always manifest when i go diferent very prayerful but the moré i Pray the moré attacks come and wat am saying is very like lack oil am stagnant the way am clever dats not how tins are i want some powerful man of God hére to help me use the 12table 7seal and to call the two cherubim on the mercy Seat zaral n Jaén 0544320886


I have been working with the 6/7/8/9/10 books of Moses and have a binder I keep for it. Essentially how it works when you begin you will not cast a circle, because this is old world magic it is a very old Grimoire and must not be taken lightly. The books of Moses are a combination of summoning angels, calling the power of God, while controlling old world spirits. It is not like Wicca, or Santeria, or any eccentric magic like Ordo Templi Orientis. This is a very specific type of magic from what I have learned. Just a little bit of information it is not called spell work with these books, it is prayer work and should be approached as such. the only thing I add in are candles and before I conduct any prayer work I usually denote to the universe what type of candles I am using. I used to cast a spell when opening, and now I do not because this book does not require it, keep in mind this prayer work was used in the days of Moses and Moses did not cast circles. My adaptation of this book is that you have to think as if you were living in those times. Though I will not say it the spirits in this book do require a type of payment for their work or when you call them they will not perform, and by payment I mean the types of payment that was used during the days of Moses (see Eleazar ritual). I have successfully had results with this type of work, I have a friend and he was searching for a soul mate, I did a simple 1 hour prayer with the books of Moses and now my friend is getting married (this happened in a matter of 1 month). But this book takes a while to work and I have seen results, seems though you cannot perform a prayer for yourself. It seems you have to perform works for others, and as far as asking a spirit to come forth it does not happen the way, it is in the results that occur after the prayer work is done. Contact me via email with any questions.


Hi Daniel…I need your contact..can you please send me your email address?


Your email address please


i need to start this can you please help


Plz send me ur contact


hi can i have your email address so i can direct some questions to you for clarity.
hope to hear from u soon.




Hello, just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.
Most people do not have the strong gift of being able to see spirits and even many who can see can’t see them all the time or only some of the times when really focused. Only a few have super powerful visions and among those even fewer are that great in witchcraft. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t do it as then you can open up portals and demons will come through latching onto you and altering your personality and messing with your luck causing negativity often times. If this stuff isn’t working for you, try something else and as always, do cleansing and protection before and after doing these things.


wahooo guys, you all tried but i used it wrongly because i was naive to the right usage and two angels appeared to me inform of two very mighty lions, i was confused and even forgot i was the one that conjured the spirit. A man later appeared with a familiar face and commanded then to leave….this is my story. for further questions or contact from anyone who knows better, kindly email or whatsapp me with my contact. +971522634993 or

Asare Johnson

I went to conjured a spirit pls I need your help pls ?

Sonia Devee

Faith is the thing that is hope for, the things that are unseen, with any ritual or spell, you have faith, pray for wisdom and understanding, your failure was lack of faith.


before you can do any magick whatso ever you must get god inside you
10 x hail maryes 10 gloybe and 10ower fathers for money and then trinka five 10 x times

Bernard wormenor

Good morning to you, please how do i get money say prayers with 7 book of Moses, or how can I make money in this 7 book of Moses,but please I don’t have same of the 7 book of Moses, please I want you to help me because am suffering and I don’t know what to do again in this world so please show me how to get money in this 7 book of Moses? I hope to hear from you soon, thank you


please i want to know how to say prayers with the 6th and 7th book of moses to get money……….is this possible? please help me. email me back please


I don’t know if this forum is still active but I would advice the op to start with a Good and Kind hearted Spirits or Angels, as a newbie, don’t jump to that of Master Moses. You may not get my point but I won’t say more.
If you are interested in the World of Mystery and want to have familiar friendship with Spirits or Angels, you should start with friendly ones first, like a white Angel of beautiful appearance and calm in words, and it is he who will teach you how to convoke, invoke, and conjure the others, will even teach you how to constrain and command the Princes of Hell.
However if you are not born for the world of Mystery, and God gives thee not the grace, one will not succeed in endeavours for it.
Try the Ars Paulina. That’s the less costly Art now, others require Metals, such as gold etc


Hello please can you put me through on how to invoke the good spirit plsssss


Hi can you give me a clue on that


I won’t to get a spirit i can work wit


Please i will appreciate if you can get back to me on how to get the book. Thanks


I need ur help


I want to learn how to performs magic with the book of moses


please help me out


Hey lux, I would like to have a personal conversation with you. Please hit me up.


Hey Tony! wow its been long i check here…i don’t know if you still do. And how may i hit u up: WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, etc?


hello can you tech me the 6th and 7th book of moses plz


how do i do that and what does it take?


Seems you really know a lot about it, Pls I am not seeking to know anything about this book, all I want is someone who can use it on my behalf, I need money, for almost a year now, I have not have a dime I can call mine. Just striving to survive.


if the majority is crying on getting to know how to use this book to make money then how will the one who knows the uses teach them..cos their motive for seeking this knowledge is virtually is not meant for making money but for spiritual growth and enlightenment.the book is for good and well disciplined people not jokers…thank you


seyram pls where will i get some of the 6 and 7 books of moses here in ghana,pls i beg i really need your help.

prophet samson

Go to any occultic shop in Ghana ask them for original sixth and seven books of moses that is first step. people gets confused wen I say occultic shop. (occultic shop is dsam as mystical shop ) add me on facebook for further instruction.


How can I know this shop is occult shop


Drop your email address, I can help.


You are right my dear it is not for every body


can you teach me on how to use the book to get wisdom


everyone wants it for one reason or the other. My dad gave me a PDF copy of it around 2014 and it’s this year 2018 I intend to know how to use these books. I am now trying to abstain from my old life before I dare get close to reading it.
I honestly don’t think it’s a free book and common to common people. A white man gave it to him.


Hi. I need it. Can you share with me?

Ebulu Okiemute

you can share with me sir
I need it


can I get a copy?


You are lucky, Maybe you could share a copy with me ..


Have you conjured spirits before ?


Do not play with demons or with the spirit world. They may very well have seen you and paid attention but they are not showing yourselves to you. They will decide when, and it might be bad for you.

My Haters R My Motivators

Wow, messing with this kind of stuff is very dangerous and the fact you have to ask what it is that you are doing wrong, proves you are a novice, which is even more dangerous. You must be careful. You could have allowed something to cross over who could reveal itself when you least expect it.

gabriel pius

i want to have mystical power, what do i do?

gabriel pius

how can i get to the realm?

friday jimoh

i want to get to the spiritual realm also,how to invoke the angels.

oluwafemi amusan okukenu

it is not easy,it takes the wise to understand the voice of the gods,u must first of all known your calling in life,cos not every body have access to this practise, but the prophets.


i thought it was a difficult task till i got insight…the seal and the wand must change positions!! U must be eloquent and commanding!! Feel the energy of the earth…compel! Do not begg

jones n.k. mensah

i will like u to help me call soirit in the 6th and 7th book of moses

Maxwell nnadozie

I need physical powers frm this book ie frm either azazel or sameal

Akoto felix

I would like to have the magic.

Emmanuel Kutubebi

I want to know how to pray with the 6th & 7th book of Moses for the spirit to appear,please help me


only the asaree or so called the prophet and also the chosen ones can conjure the spirit and make them answer you.. anybody can’t just conjure the spirit anyhow, but you will have to be commanding and be bold when they appear before you…


Men! What could you possibly want to do with spirits? You’d better get a life before you go bunkers.


i want a command spell or verse psalm in the 6 &7 book of moses


i need psalm verse to COMMAND in 6 & 7 book of Moses.


i want to know how to use 6 and 7 book of Moses to pray to God and my prayer answer fast………………can someone direct me?

Katee loch

I can KThomsloch@Gmail for a donation, have them for sale


i need money what spirit should i call?,and what procedures should i use to call them?


Be careful. The issue of calling a spirit to give you money may end up enslaving you to that spirit. Why don’t you pray to God for blessing with a clean and holy heart and with good purpose things will work out.Do not be too anxious for if you succeed,you may be tempted and how are you sure its not a demon you called who is out for nothing but to ruin Gods work and program for your life. Be careful,a demon will always want a part with you and when you are entangled,its only Gods mercy that will save you. God bless you.


Pls how can I get the book of moses

Larry agyapong

I want to see the angels and speak to them


Put the seal on your altar put three candles forming a triangle to make it manifest.(use the color for the candles relating to what you want to conjure).put the wand in your right hand & the dagger in your left it establishes authority. Then before you conjure say:I do wish to call___to physical appearance archangel____by the power of the infinite god creator of all you must help me now!now!now!.then call up the spirit.


Please contact me is very important


is there any thing one must do before performing any pray


is there any thing one must do before performing any pary


One last thing DO NOT call on the guardians of the watchtower, DO NOT cast a circle when performing any of these spells. What I recommend is that you read the following:
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy which are the books Moses wrote when he was in favor with God, also called the Pentateuch. When Moses was removed from God he explains later on how he saw the burning bush, and made lice and pestilence appear and so on and so forth and are outlined in the 6/7/8/9/10 Books of Moses a Grimoire. All of this is old world and has nothing to do with other types of magic, so it is not euro or afro centric magic it is old. If you have questions contact me, I am novice at it still but you can ask me.


I am new in this, can u guide on the whole process? I mean from scratch?


Pleas text me yur email i really hv a lot of questions


please may some one help me on how to ivok the spirit and what is the seal????


i need a help can some one please help me and teach me all this and how to ivolk the spirit


I can help u conjure the spirit and the book also

prince adofo

please l to bless the sixth and seventh book of moses and l wont you to teach me how to use it please i wont you to become my teacher

Tosin Omowaye

please I need the original key of seventh of moses /how do I get it now lead I’m in Nigeria here OK!


teache me how to use the book of moses

Katee loch

Can teach you about the seals , I have great knowledge of them and sell them also. Thank You


Please help me to call the spirit

Guong Nicholas

Where can i get the 6th and 7th books of Moses?


can anybody help me get these books?


Please i will like to know how to make use of this six and seven books of moses, and also materials needed on perfuming some rituals with it


please i want to know how to say prayers with the 6th and 7th book of moses to get money……….is that possible? email me back please


how do i get say prayers and get money with this book of moses


Moses never existed. These books are all fairytales.


i want more money or how to make money spell

mr. ndiongue

write to me about it.

I will like to know how to use this book to make money


Pls who can help me to used the 6&7 books of moses

frank ebo

pls i want to know how to use the six and seven books of moses and the materials nneeded for the rituals,how to get money and job


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