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How do I clear energy blockages from my heart and throat chakras (cause inability to feel energy).?

I did feel energy from attunements, and I did spontaneously feel healing warmth in my hands as well as felt warmth in myself during meditation and discovered myself healed from a painful condition.
Since that happened, I have felt very shut down energetically, and have had a very difficult time feeling the energy moving in my body, as well as I can’t seem to feel/receive downloaded attunement energy.
I have been advised that my heart and throat chakras feel blocked. I have done TAT for this, but am not sure it has helped.
Does anyone have any suggestion for ousting these energy blocks, or perhaps a kind psychic or empath could offer a suggestion as to what is going on with me?
I am female, live in central Washington state, and am 45 years old.
Thank you for any suggestions or assistance!


  1. Hello! I just by coincident saw your question on the screen when I wanted to visit a Yahoo group. I’m male, Dutch, working at this moment in Georgia (Black Sea). What you need is a Shaman Healing. Visit the site of The Four Winds Society and contact them for the details of a Shaman living near you. Good luck and let me know if you succeed pls. Munay, Bert

  2. I’m not sure that your inability to feel the energy is actually because of a blockage. It may actually be the opposite; that you are more an open channel. As the energy moves through you with ease, you feel it less than when it was being deflected and reflected by the various blocks and impediments. Since you have had a major healing, it is more likely that you are a purer, more open conduit.
    Don’t forget, the purpose of a healer using cosmic energy is to be an open channel or vessel that brings the cosmic vibration down to a level that can be received and used by the healee. How you feel it move through you isn’t necessarily much of an indication of what is flowing or working through you.
    It’s best not to listen to others who say you have this blockage or that blockage. Tune in to your own source and receive the energy with love and trust and you will always enable a benefit to the people you offer healing to.

  3. If u talking abt chakras i m sure ur well versed with different types of pranayam –breathing techniques now whenever u do pranayam or yoga relaxation is a very integral part usually amateurs don’t relax go into the shav asana or the corpse pose for a while Do ur pranayam slowly with eyes shut gently and visualize the third eye between ur brows after this relax on ur back and feel ur abdomen rise n fall with every inhalation and exhalation
    Pl revert back for further doubts
    Om Shanti

  4. Tantravaya was quite correct…We are all equal parts of the Oneness and can all heal ourselves. We create with our
    mind, thus you need to learn to trust yourself and not be so
    dependent on others (your giving your power away by doing
    this). Visualize your chakra system open and flowing, keep
    bringing the universal light energy in through your crown and take it out through your feet into mother earth. Visualize any
    clouds of blockage moving out and ask Mother Earth to accept it with love and transmute it for you. Then visualize
    each chakra spinning – taking in and putting out the energy. Use your 3rd eye visualization (trust you have it) You can clear any blocks as they occur this way; and blocks do begin to reoccur as we live and are effected by the surrounding energies. Staying open and flowing is a on going daily
    process just like eating is. The only block within you is the
    ancient fear based thing that prevents you from knowing your
    own power as an equal creation of Oneness within the universe.

  5. A lot of self professed experts recommend tampering with chakras. This is NOT a good career move unless you know a guru who can help you get out of trouble.
    The reason that tampering with the chakras is not a good idea is because each of the chakras are closey linked with the glands of the endocrine system. The pituitary, thyroid, spleen, adrenals, and testes or ovaries, etc.
    When you get your endocrine system too far out of balance; you could literally DIE, or be forced to take medications for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
    If your chakras are not working right now; do not try to manipulate them at all.
    I would recommend that you start meditating.
    All of these meditations will affect your chakras; but the same amout of energy will be sent to all of the chakras so they do not get out of balance.
    “Pillar Of Light” meditation from Hawai’ian mysticism, and available free on my Yahoo 360 blog.
    “Being Of Light” from Buddhism. I founded the Lotus Sangha here in Ellensburg, and I wrote a Zen brochure to my blog January 8th if memory serves.
    I am not Buddhist but have beem practising several forms of meditation for 40 years since learning Zen when I was a child taking martial arts.
    “Actualism” meditation. You can learn this form of meditation free at http://www.actualism.org.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi there… I’m sure there are dozens of people in here that could give you lots of tips in opening up your chackras – essential oils, crystals, mantras, meditation etc etc. But I’m also not sure your chakras are really blocked and I agree that trusting what others ‘read’ about us may not be the best course of action – it would only mean that you’re giving responsibility for your own well-being to someone else, which would in return block your solar plexus and defeat the purpose of using chakra philosophy in the first place.
    What I can share with you is my personal experience. At first, when I went through an intense healing process, a ‘silent’ period began. A time in which I felt nothing, heard nothing, ‘saw’ nothing. In the beginning I panicked and thought I’d lost my insight. In time, I realised that what I’d released was so large that my being was deafened by the echo of the void it left behind – like when you’re suddenly in a large room that’s been emptied and all you notice is how loud your voice is when you speak rather than the condition of the room itself. When the pain left, all I was conscious of was that there was nothing else to take up that space inside me any more – and that was a shock that covered all other sounds/feelings/visuals. So, ever since I do a little personal ‘meditation-prayer’ in which I invite the Light to come and take up the space of the issue I’m releasing into the universe and it works for me. Most times I keep my consciousness and if I still have difficulty, I just pray-meditate more and try to relax about it. Eventually, everything falls back into place and I can feel my energy again.
    So, what I trully suggest is that you trust yourself and relax. No one knows how to take care of you better than you. So, try focusing on the question before you go to bed so that it’s the last thought in your mind before you sleep. Ask for guidance from your Higher Self and the answer will come to you in your sleep. Perhaps not on the same night, but don’t be surprised if it does. Just thank yourself for doing the best you can and follow your instincts. There are no rules and no recipes for these things – no specific words anyone else can teach you.
    Light and Love

  7. You need to have your aura cleansed and the find a good chakra book to show you the exercises and meditations to open the different chakras Patti

  8. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! After reading “Bringers of the Dawn” I was meditating a lot on the 7 chakras in the body and the 5 outside of the body that allowed me to have an amazing experience that lasted for 2-3 months where my heart seemed to be so full of love that it almost hurt. I was “glowing with love!” I was waking up with profound enlightened thoughts and answers to all my questions. I would ask the universe a question and the answer would come, it was incredible! It felt like I had blown open my chakras and saw the world in a completely different light.
    THEN… I went to “a healer” someone who worked with Egyptian healing rods. We had one session and she told me “my guides” worked on my chakras, especially my heart and throat chakras. Immediately after this session I felt closed down. I was no longer having epiphanies or feeling the tremendous glow of love. Two years later I still have not been able to get that sense of tremendous connection back again.
    I went to Berkeley Psychic Institute and got a reading to find out what happened. I was told by a graduate of the school that I had developed a power that I was not ready for and that my ability was shut down by Secret Societies.
    Please keep in mind, this was all new to me! I have been a meditator for several years but all this Secret Society stuff was not on my radar at all. After hearing this I did some research and found out more about it but still not sure if that is what happened.
    I feel like I can really relate to your story and would like to connect.
    If anyone out there has had a similar experience I would be interested in hearing about it or hearing what can be done to “reboot!”

  9. Thanks nfor reporting your chakra problem,i in my own point of view,i do use mantras to clear any blockages in my chakra system,check evencreations web site,by Soluntra King,she gave me 2 books which were very powerful and they always working.
    Again,you can also join yahoo groups where you can receive more attunements in healing energies,this way your blocked chakras may be cleared and activat more.
    I myself,i have problem and solution in astral projection,very sincere friends who are ready to help me out by teaching me in practical eorm,how to do it alongside healing and psychic reading so that i may receive my psychic gifts.
    You can reach me through my email.
    Iam Fred Idowu Akerele,a Nigerian,living there,practicing herbal and reiki plus other healing systems to give free healing treatment to people requesting for it,though i need to do and uae psychic reading techniques,e.g.,clairsentience to know the causes of my client’s problem and receiving intuitive solution messgae for total healing,so i want to learn astral projection to get this gift.
    I will be very happy and really appreciative for anyone who helps me with learning it.


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