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How do I cleanse my Amethyst stone?


  1. I usually take a small amount of soap and water and an old toothbrush to get into the crevices. I let it dry in the sun and re-charge in the moonlight.

  2. Okay;
    I’ve been using those stones for two years now. I know what to do. Follow these steps.
    1. Get a bag od sea salt (or cooking salt in a sack), you’ll have to place the amethyst under the bag after cleaning it. That was how the ancient healers stopped the bleeding from an injured person’s wound.
    2.Clean the stone with soft soap thoroughly and dry it with a clean cloth or let it sit on a clean towel to air dry
    As you’re cleaning it, try not to think of anything bad because the bad energy will sink into the stone and reflect onto you when you’re seeking good energy, so think of nice things
    3. Place it in the sun for four to twelve hours because the sun gives it natural energy as well as the energy you put into it by holding it.
    4. You’re done with it, so it is cleansed and you will notice the differences

  3. I’ve just recently cleansed my own Amethyst, mine is an amulet (though this would work for a cluster too); burn some Sage (I think I use white), once you have a strong, steady smoke rest the crystal in the smoke, you can do this with your hands and wave it in the smoke in circling, waving motion keeping thoughts positive and clear. Make sure if you do use your hands that you move them so you get ALL of your Amethyst; keep it in the smoke for at LEAST one full minute but preferably at least four or five (if the Sage burns out, just continue to light it and get a strong smoke burning).
    After you cleanse your Amethyst (sometimes I light a white candle with my mark and positive energy and what I would like to summon to my crystal, and sometimes just for the purity of it, but always remember to have positive energy and thoughts and make sure to thank the earth and spirits for your crystal and the powers seeping into and out of it). Now, there are a few ways to charge your Amethyst, you can leave it in the sunlight (remember it does not need to be direct sunlight, it can be cloudy) but Amethyst fades in sunlight so be careful with that choice. You can leave it in the moonlight, you may put it in an organic type of bag and bury in the ground for some time, remember where you buried it though! And another one, you can put it in really anything from the earth.
    For example: I said I am cleansing my Amethyst, after I held it in the Sage for about ten minutes i put it in my natural Pukka shell and filled it with sea salt, after which I put in my window sill (it has a screen so it’s not direct light) with some of it showing and I left it there to soak up the salt, sun, and moon, and any wind that may blow through. For the time period I suggest at LEAST a full twenty-four hours, mine is going on day two at the moment. I hope this helped you; may you choose your path with open mind, eyes, and heart; blessed be!


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