How do I charge a rune with my energy? Any Wiccans out there?

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How do I charge runes with my energy? Also, how would you charge the majority of any magical tools with your own energy? Does it depend on the object?

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World Funeral

When I charge anything I typically go out and meditate outside in the sun for a few minutes. After that I envision energy from the sun coming into the object and as it’s doing that I program it to do what I want. This works very well, as an example I use this on emerald stones I carry and program the energy to draw in more money, I get about half of my income from tips so this helps a lot. On days I am able to spend time charging them I get on average 2x more than I do on days I am rushed and don’t have the time to charge them. This has happened multiple times, so it isn’t just a coincidence.
If you want to use your own energy you can still use the sun for help. I take in the suns energy frequently to give me a natural energy rush, you can bring that energy you took in and draw it out to whatever you are wanting to charge.


Always cleanse your magical tools before using them, especially things that are pre-made and store bought. They have been through many hands before getting into yours. Use a purifying incense such as sage to pass your tools through before charging them.
Charging is best done under the full moon, when the energies are at their most potent. Charging can be an elaborate ritual or as simple as holding the object in your hand and envisioning a bright light going from your hands into the object. What matters is your intent. You don’t have to perform a full-blown charging and consecration ritual in order to charge your tools with your energy.
Also, the more you work with your tools the more of your energy you put into them. Some folklore recommends cleansing your divination vehicles (runes, tarot, pendulums, etc.) and then placing them in a pouch and sleeping with them under your pillow for three nights.

A Lady Dragon

With my crystals or runes.
I sometimes use a running water if they haven’t been used in a while.
Visualizing White light running down from above over the stones (with the water) and down to the ground.
This will replace any stagnet energy with new.
To charge some people leave them outside for the waxing moonlight or full moon.
I use that or visualizing my own energy from within me,
Drawing it out and along my arm to my hand holding the stones, then covering just lightly with my other hand and feeling the energy build.
Seeing the stones with light around them..


Well sometimes I take all of my energy and put it in my legs so I can run faster then when I am running and kick something and all that energy gets transfered to that object rendering my energy useless because it went to the rock pretty coolio thing going on in the transaction


Are you looking for practical advice or an understanding of magickal principal?
Let’s say you’re uncharged rune is NY City and your charged rune is Los Angeles. How do you get from one place to another? One person says “fly.” Another person says “take the bus.” Another person says “drive.” Yet a fourth person says “Take the bus to the local rent a car station, drive it to the airport and then fly.” Have any of the people misled you or does the advice they give reflect what works for them?
Magick isn’t about finding the McDonald’s School of Magick manual under a rock. How would YOU charge a rune? What does a charged rune (or any such object) feel like to you? Is this really about what someone else comfortable with or what you feel comfortable with?
On to the practical side: you can charge a rune (or anything else) with anything. Charging basically is just creating a storehouse of a certain type of energy within the object. You could wrap the rune in your favorite sweater from childhood if you wanted and charge it that way. People use salt and water because…. water cleanses and salt preserves. Before refrigeration, people heavily salted their food to keep it healthy. And magick takes its association from the physical world around them. So, when someone wanted to ‘cleanse’ and ‘preserve’ their ritual implements, they did to it what they did to their food: washed it and rubbed it with salt. But just because your grandma walked to school five miles uphill (both ways) and in a snowstorm everyday doesn’t mean you have to. It doesn’t me you don’t have to, either.


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