How do I channel the chakra in my body so I can use it as a weapon?

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After watching Naruto, and how they use the chakra in their body as a weapon, I discovered it is possible to do it in real life. How do I channel chakra? And how do I recover it?

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train hard dude


Hehe, too much Naruto? Maybe this will help you:

×ÐîTH× ×Raider666× †V I R A Lâ€
(Great site for information about chakra)
Keep practicing and you’ll one day *cough* be able to use Rasengan *cough*.

u practice long and hard pretty soon after u turn 69 years old u might be able to summon gama bunta the toad …..

Robby Mixon

are you all stupid? chakra is the body energy flow used in meditation and such it’s not the fake stuff from naruto.
It’s used in Hindu meditation
There you go.


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