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How do I change the negative energy where I live?

As soon a I wake, she’s bitching, gossiping, hinting etc. There’s never a happy energy in the house. I ignore it, look at her occasionally when she’s going on and on. She is someone you have to tip toe around cause everything irritates her from kids to wind. If I piss her off or speak up all hell breaks loose! I’d love to know how to rid the house of the angry vibe!


  1. Is this your wife?
    Time to sit her down and let her know shes creating a rather uncomfortable environment for everyone and
    its not all about her.

  2. if its your wife not much you can do but send her packing. If its a pet get her obedience training, if a ghost call ghost busters.

  3. Invite Christ into your life…
    Things will progressively get better.
    The deeper you go in search for him, the stronger your tolerance will be & the better the spiritual atmosphere will be also.

  4. I like the answer my daughter gives people who complain this way “maybe you deserve it” lol
    But seriously though you probably need to move out and just get away from all that or maybe take my daughter’s advice to heart?
    Hang in there you can handle this

  5. Well, I’m not too sure about the negative energy maybe so,but does she have a heavy work load ex. laundry, cleaning, cooking, chasing kids? Is she always doing something? If so one day surprise have the house spotless (yea even dust) even cook supper and do the dishes. She will be in a great mood all night 😉 and the next morning. If she isn’t then?? …. dunno…

  6. A house can have negative energy. It can be cleared by smugging or using Holy Water to clear it. It sounds like the problem is first the person who is bitching etc. It would be well to sit down and have a heart to heart talk to this person and find out what is upsetting her. Maybe she is struggling with hormone problems or depression. There can be many causes and to guess what they are would be wrong. The solution would be to ask her and listen to her. If that does not help, seek counseling. There are other answers but we first have to work on ourselves. What are you doing to contribute to the upset?
    Rev. TomCat


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