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How do I begin the process of practicing yoga the right way?

For years this is something I have wanted to explore but I am not sure about how to do it. I don’t like to be in a room full of people so I would like to try it out on my own first before going to a class. There seems to be a ton of info on yoga so I’m not sure what type to use. I want to strengthen and add flexibility to my body. Any suggestions?


  • It’s important to start slow. I started at home. Now I love it. It’s very relaxing.

    I found a great resource, you can get a free yoga beginners course yogabasicsplusguide.com

    check it out.

  • If you start practicing yoga on your own the most important thing to remember is to never force your body into a pose. Focus on your breathing and the stretch in your muscles and it will eventually get easier. You can pick up “The Yoga Deck” at a bookstore. They are cards of basic poses that show you how to properly do the poses and which areas of your body they benefit.

  • I like going to class b/c the instructor can help you if needed. I think beginner’s classes are a really comfortable environment and everyone is learning, so you shouldn’t feel weird. I was a little nervous my first time too but my suggestion would be to just go to one class and see what you think.

    I did find this, http://www.yogaclass.com/. I have no idea if it’s good or not but it looks like it has a lot of options.


  • I made the mistake of jumping right into a class at a high-gym. It was WAY too intense and discouraging for me as a beginner. So I went to Target and bought a beginners DVD. I did it almost everyday for about a month until it got easier, then I enrolled in a beginners class at the YWCA. It was a nice beginner class that was challenging, but not discouraging. Now I’m getting SO much better, and I’m in an intermediate level class and loving it.

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