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How do I become more calm and spiritual?

How do I be calm and stay calm. Try to be angered less often, I figured my ego/pride is the reason I get into fights. How do I use humor to avoid physical contact? Suppress a guilty conscience. I wish to speak less, even though I don’t speak much anyway. Just be an overall relaxed, quiet person.


  1. well you already recognized what you need to change. Have you ever consider finding a hobby that calms you? You need to find something that interests you and go from there… what are some things you find to be calming?

  2. What an awesome insight and goal. The biggest step to change is realizing you have a need to change. I don’t know if I have an answer, but I did it.
    Visualize yourself and situations. See yourself the way you want to be. Watch someone you admire how they handle situations.
    Choose not to judge motives. Choose not to see someone as lazy, or stupid, etc.
    Choose not to feel criticized… instead give everyone the benefit of the doubt.. Assume that they didn’t mean it the way you took it. Assume that there was something on their mind when they cut in front of you in the car or line. Assume they just didn’t have the experience, wisdom, or knowledge that you had. You have been blessed.
    Assume you could do the same thing that they just did. If you were living their life in their body with their upbringing and their knowledge and their problems, you JUST MIGHT do the same thing they just did. You don’t know the situation they are experiencing. Perhaps their mother just died. Perhaps they are rushing to a sick child.
    Find the truth to the saying, “there but for the grace of God, go I.” Remember the saying “walk a mile in my shoes.”
    Look at the funny side. See how silly someone looks when they are acting in an outrageous way. See the humor in getting an egg when you ordered a steak. See the humor in paying 100 dollars for a meal and getting crappy service. See the humor in paying 200 dollars for a motel room with dirty carpet and sleeping in a bed that grossed you out.
    As you quit judging others for their actions, you will quit judging yourself and let go of the guilty conscience.
    Practice humility. Let someone get the last word. Let them think their opinion is the only right opinion. Bite your tongue and let them think you know less than they do.
    I hope you are able to use something.

  3. When you first start feeling angry, count backwards slowly from 10 to 1, as it interrupts the process. Practice for 20 mins daily, and when needed, the method at http://www.selfhelpmagazine.com Meditation room; try it out; mantra meditation; repeat: “easy”. Tai Chi & yoga suits others.


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