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How do i become good, kind person with charisma or "good aura"?

im trying my best to be good and friendly so that people will like me. I dont want to be popular or successful, i just want to make others feel good and relaxed when we talk. Are there some excercises, positive affirmations, meditations… that would help me?
Id like to do voluntary work but there are no possibilities in my area.


  1. Your intentions to do good to others is a good start. I always believe in the adage “charity begins at home”. So why not look first at the people around you (parents, siblings, friends, relatives) and begin from there.

  2. Most people with charisma, or “good auras,” are born that way, and are reinforced in how their parents and environment treats them.
    It is possible to cultivate an attitude that is positive and helpful, although that may not produce an “aura.” It used to be said that a gentleman never took umbrage at unkind remarks, always assumed the best of anyone he met, and forgave slights readily. He was ready to help anyone who needed help, even if not asked.
    This does not require opportunities for volunteer work in a formal way. It requires exercising civitity and compassion with everyone you know or meet, since each interaction is an opportunity to practice kindness. And you can do that with animals, too.

  3. simply smile and be your self we do all know that we cannot please everybody… like Confucius said don’t do unto others if you don’t want do unto to you.
    and if you are not too good and kind person just pray and have fear to God and please do his ten commandments

  4. Charisma is defined as personal magnetism or charm. Successful politicians & actors usually have this trait. Its something you have or don’t have; its not usually something which you can’t develop.
    Good person with “aura.” – That’s achievable & so many of the answers here to you are wonderfully helpful. I suspect you are already a good person with “aura.”

  5. I think…One doesn’t ‘become’ a good and kind person. This IS essentially one’s real nature. When one is natural, stress free these qualities come up easily. Only due to stress do the so called negative qualities come up in us 🙂 And moreover i suggest being do not make an effort to be good and friendly just so that other’s like you. If you live in a positive manner people will naturally want to be around you.
    meditation helps a lot. good bks help too. Couple of books that have helped me are: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “God Loves Fun” and “Celebrating Silence” by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
    Hope this helps 🙂


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