Home Discussion Forum How do I become an "enlightened" person?

How do I become an "enlightened" person?

No religiousness please!


  1. Read a lot, listen a lot, think a lot, and find a mentor who is the kind of person you want to be like and latch onto that person like a barnacle.

  2. Stand outside during a thunderstorm with a metal pole. No seriously, if you can’t figure out that studying various topics or experiencing different aspects of life and then forming your own opinions as to what you’ve learned will enlighten you, then you really should follow the above advice.

  3. You coud practice zen buddhism for about 10-20 years…but, whose got that kind of time?
    Read the following:
    1) U.S. Declaration of Independence
    2) U.S. Bill of Rights
    3) “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand
    4) “Demon Haunted World” by Carl Sagan
    5) “Games People Play” by Eric Berne
    6) “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes
    7) a textbook on “social psychology”
    Then, enjoy the new, much wiser you.

  4. All who have realized the secret of life understand that life is one, but that it exists in two aspects. First as immortal, all-pervading and silent; and secondly as mortal, active, and manifest in variety. The soul being of the first aspect becomes deluded, helpless, and captive by experiencing life in contact with the mind and body, which is of the next aspect. The gratification of the desires of the body and the fancies of the mind do not suffice for the purpose of the soul, which is undoubtedly to experience its own phenomena in the seen and the unseen, though its inclination is to be itself and not anything else. When delusion makes it feel that it is helpless, mortal and captive, it finds itself out of place. This is the tragedy of life, which keeps the strong and the weak, the rich and poor, all dissatisfied, constantly looking for something they do not know. Taking the path of annihilation of the false ego you will find at the end of this journey that the destination was yourself.

  5. Me I’m not enlightened yet
    If I new and could tell you, you would dismiss me. Your question is loaded!
    like I said and no I can’t spell
    excuse me
    loaded with BS answers no one is brave enough to just say I don’t no for sure but I no for sure.

  6. Read the guardian wear sandals turn vegetarian join the green party continuously harp on about global warming. etc.

  7. First find out, who within you, wants to get enlightened?
    If you say ‘I’, then find out who this ‘I’ is?
    This simple method called ‘self-enquiry’ was used by an enlightened saint called Ramana Maharishi, who got enlightened at age 14.

  8. Fill your life with love…Everything that happenes in this life happenes for a reason……Live, as if this is paradise on earth.

  9. Most of the answers that state talking to someone in a faith or spirituality modality that you feel drawn to will help you on the path you seek. Enlightment is more a state of mind that may lead to bliss. Bliss being a state of profound peace, surrounded by unconditional love and knowledge that this life is a transitionatory. Meditation is also a gateway to finding the right path for yourself. It is important to find a teacher, look at spiritual books that you feel drawn to. It’s is good to get suggestions from your friends or those on this site, but you are the master of your own path. You have the answers, you just need to ask Spirit for the guidance and pay attention to the signs that point the way. Only follow the suggestions that feel right to you.

  10. Very crazy and funny answeres!
    Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour would have been the best!…and still is!
    Oh by the way……this is not religion but a faith!
    However,dont forget to read lots of stuff too[Bible]..and to interact with people.

  11. Simply becoming ‘something’ is another extension of ‘you’ being crystalised. You have to understand who you really are, know yourself. That’s all there is to do, but it will not be easy.

  12. Ignore everything that you have been taught. Take the clouded mind and return it to a pristine state.
    Treat all knowledge as information that can be replaced by any new information.

  13. Go sit on a rock by a river or some set up similiar to that and contemplate enlightenment. Don’t come back until you know the answer. This could take a while so have fun and do return to tell us, I for one will be interested to know of your rock perching enlightenment…

  14. I’ve got a headache now from reading all these answers.
    I’m off to some less serious stuff like ‘shoud I dye my hair blonde or something ?’

  15. You will become an enlightened man, by speaking with people asking them questions about our existences, questions about the meaning of life. You can do this in your own country now as the world has introduced all religions into there countries. Then you can choose the path that GOD has for you.
    All the best on your journey

  16. Self examination is a good way to start, along with acquisition of knowledge. Read. Read alot.
    Dispassionately examine religion and philosophy. Discern from these studies what is good and bad about each. Clearly both have a contribution to make. This will lead you down a path that will take a lifetime to travel. Hopefully along the way you will acquire wisdom and “enlightenment.” You may become religious, you may become atheist, leave yourself open to any possibility. The path may meander and so one month you may have a different opinion from the next, but if you continue the process you will move forward and you will gradually be able to see further along the way ahead of you. When you can see the end, you will truly be enlightened.


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