How do I become a Wicca or a pagan. Can street magic or slight of hand be used in your ritual's and spells?

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I am pretty good at street magic. Will that help? Can someone teach me to do the thing with the broom?
I have a black Rottweiler. Can a Rottweiler be used as a familiar?

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girl you are so going to get in trouble.
I told you to stay off the streets<><

Ghost Wolf

If they let you become wicca, they must have really lowered the bar.

Ryan Z

you just become one? i dont believe theres any initiation

Ashley D

um…i think you may have the wrong idea of wicca. spell work is a form of prayer, and has nothing to do with actuall “tricks”. im not sure what thing with the broom your reffering to, as i dont actually use a broom for any of my spell work. read books, read lots and lots of books, because there is alot of ground to cover in wiccan. it can be adapted to fit pretty much anybody. the only thing i can really stress to you here is DO NOT do it if you are planning on using spells to hurt people. thats not what wicca is about at all.


You will stir some dust up with the broom!

NOT Michael Palin

There are many texts and websites that you will find useful if you truly believe that Wicca/paganism is the right path for you. But it does not sound like that is the case.
Magick is not street magic or sleight of hand. Magick is a prayer, really, in which you work with the gods to send out good energies.
What thing with the broom? If you mean flying around, nobody does that. That’s just propaganda. If you mean jumping the broom in a marriage ceremony, that’s not wicca either. That’s african culture, I believe, not a handfasting ceremony. The broom in wicca is used to clean bad spirits from the ritual area.


As a Wiccan I can tell you that we fly on brooms as often as Christians walk on water. Additionally, Wicca is the religion, a Wiccan is a follower of Wicca.
The besom (broom) is used for ritual cleansing and purification nowadays. Originally, it is believed that during the Burning Times when witches had to disguise their phallic staves as brooms so the vigilante Christians wouldn’t find them and burn them. The “broom” was used during fertility rites at freshly planted fields where the witches would straddle the “broom” and dance around the field, jumping up in the air to show the crops how high to grow. No doubt some local saw the witches moving and jumping and thought they were flying around on brooms.


I’ll show you my broom baby. EDIT: Do you mind if Kelli R joins in too? Her zeal is actually kind of getting me aroused.

Kelli R

You need to drop the street magic, get rid of ALL pagen, witchcraft junk and start all over the right way!! Buy A Holy Bible, look around and find the church you click with and go that way!! I’ve been where your at plus, and its not worth it!! Going GODS way is the only way to live!! You just need to do a reality check, cause all that witchcraft is working AGAINST GOD!! Even white magic!! Just think where you want to spend ETERNITY.!! Thats FOREVER!!

raven blackwing

If you want to be a Pagan you have to study. I have been Pagan all my life, I’m 53 and just made priestess. Most never make it. Street magic is a show,I practice real magic. I call down the power of a god or goddess and use it to do what I need to do. The broom is a symbol used in rituals. If you are joking hold on it will be a bumpy ride.
here is a web site


You have confused us with the Christian witches. They are the ones who fly on broomsticks and have Rotties as evil familiars.
We are conservators of the earth who love their fur kids and don’t spend time answering questions honestly when people act so dumb. Getta a religion.

Green Witch

God, I hope you’re kidding.


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