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How Do I Become A Super Zombie?

Tried of all the how do I become a vamp, I want to become a super zombie. That can fly too.
Oh yeah I also want to have the ability to run fast, I don’t want to be a slow zombie.
Should I break into a government lab and drink all the stuff in hopes one will work, or should I open up the book of shadows?
but if your slow and old person can shoot you down.


  1. You need to freeze yourself in the process of turning into a zombie, this will preserve some of the higher brain functions.
    edit; i don’t care about being a slow zombie, so long as i’m a SMART zombie.

  2. I know you’re probably bored and writting this to get attention but you can’t become a traditional zombie like the ones out of folklore and fantasy. Sorry, but that’s the plain reality of our world today. Why don’t you visit your local doctor? He/she may just be able to give you a hand. I think you’ll need all the help you can get. Good luck!!

  3. Your first idea would kill you, instantly.
    The second idea would do nothing, waste of time.
    There are no such things as zombies, mate.


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