how do i become a shaman in a western society?

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Well ive read alot about shamanism and anamism and i really want to know how to become a shaman. I looked around the site for some other poeple who asked the same thing but they all got really dumb short answers that made no sense or wasnt really explained. I just want to know were i can start. Just for some extra details im an african american 13 year old with a little build on the muscles. Im very fit.
Just to say i am practicing buddhism right now and have been a buddhist for a long time and i understand the concept of it. The reason that i want to become a shaman is to gain knowledge from nature and the spirits. I do believe they are real. I also want to start myself on a quest to gain knowledge about every thing. I always have this image in my head of being a great spiritual leader of the people and knowing about all things. That includes the supernatural, science, magic, all nature, people, math, english, history of the world, and learn more about myself. This is the reason i want to be one because i want to be a great spritual leader and teacher of shamanism. Basically in want to be one really smart guy but my mind it set on the diffrent roles that shamans play and the way they help people.

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Captain America

I was going to say, get a floppy bowl cut, but if you’re african american, I’m afraid this it out of the question.

Joe Dirt

You should become a catholic alter boy


Put a sign up on your front door.

Jonathan T

don’t the fundies will come after you


hmm well i’m sad to see the sarcastic answers from other people here trying to earn points.
this is probably one of the hardest questions to answer as there is no one way, and also certain ways can take you in directions that might just go and waste a whole lot of your time.
it’s interesting that you feel this way and you are very young also.
i would first begin by seriously considering what it is that is appealing to you about being a shaman. why do you want to be one? what kind of a lifestyle do you think you will have as a shaman? is that what you really want? why shaman and not zen master?
my advice is that being a shaman is the same as being someone who knows what reality is. there are many paths to knowing. the most important thing is to find some reliable source of information, and a set of techniques.
further advice i would like to add as a word of warning, along this path there are many energies/ emotions that will open up to you. these can make you feel very strange and maybe crazy. an important concept is being grounded. this means you have a solid relationship with ‘ordinary reality’ – ie doing normal human things, chatting with friends, dancing, playing, making art, building houses, learning history, science etc – things of the element of the earth.
generally i’d say you need to be a master of earth before you can be a master of heaven.
build a strong base. study hard at school. keep a dream diary. you will find what you need.
one more hint i will offer you is this:
good luck. love is the thing.

Jeff Allsbrook

May I ask some questions: do you live with your father and mother? Do you have a good relationship with both? Are both your parents exploring spiritual matters?
Blessing, Jeff


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