How do I become a modern day witch?

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Just want to learn how to become a witch not Wiccan, and cast spells and open and close circles, in which spirits from other dimensions come out and go back in, but I’m protected because the circle protects me! That sort of stuff!

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Turnip Head

Please don’t. The world doesn’t need any more of that crap.

Martian Dude

Visit Hogwarts


Harry Pothead

we must love eachother Or die

my grandfathers sister is one
i really wanna kill her


Hello David ! You can’t become a with ! Because you can’t change your genre , and there is no such a thing as a witch, witcher nor warlock , and if you are thinking about magick seriously then you can end up dead by doing what you wrote about circles. But if you want perform magick , and ‘spells’ then maybe you should think about becomming a satanist?IF interested then visit this site if not then not your choice


You are not talking about witchcraft, which is another word for folk craft and shamanism. If you want to learn about circle casting and evocation of spirits, you want to study theurgic ceremonial magick. Google Solomonic magick or Enochian Magick. Witchcraft is not about circle casting or conjuring spirits. This is legendary and based on misinformation. Wicca, which claims to be a form of an Old World “witchcraft religion” (no such thing before Wicca) has many elements in it (circle casting for one) that were adapted from elements from ceremonial magick (mostly Thelema) and from Freemasonry.
To practice modern witchcraft, you either have to understand and adapt some elements from traditional folk craft and/or explore modern urban shamanism or post-modern occultism, such as Chaos Magic.


Witches don’t generally work with spirits or other dimensions. Witchcraft is low magic. It doesn’t even really require a circle.
The kinds of things you are referring to are Ceremonial magic, or high magic, which is an entirely different school of magic than Witchcraft.
Witchcraft is rooted in nature, not the cosmos or other dimensions.
Study is really the only way to begin on any path of magic… there is soooo much to learn. It is not fast, and it is not instant.
For Witchcraft you could study and mentally prepare yourself from months to a year if you are really committed before you’d even be ready for practice. For ceremonial magic, it’s even far more intense and complex. Takes years. It is a HUGE, time-consuming commitment that requires a lot of effort. Just so you know what you’re getting into.
Read… read read read read read. There’s just no way around it, if this is the path you want you have a few good years of preliminary reading ahead of you. Read things once, twice, 5 times, take notes, research, keep a journal to ponder things you read. Golden Bough, Dione Fortune, Alistar Crowley, etc… good luck.


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