How do I awaken the 8th Chakra?

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I have been trying to open my 8th Chakra for YEARS and everything I try is not working…or is it? How do I know when it is open? Is it just a raising of my consciousness so that I understand how we are all connected? I understand quantum physics…that was part of my past attempts to open this Chakra. Your input is greatly appreciated!
Oh, yes, there is an 8th Chakra! It sits 2 feet above the 7th. It’s a NEW Chakra that we are receiving NOW as part of human evolution. The 8th is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It is our first step as humans to evolve towards the Divine. There are actually even more Chakras! Obviously, nobody here is going to be able to answer my question since you are not up to date on your Chakras. Demonic posession? NOT!

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There is only 7 chakras whoever said there is 8 lied to you


watch that show called naruto

Pull My Finger

7 Chakras, dude.

Bro. Dan

There are only 7 chakras. The highest is the Sahasrara situated in the brain. You have to lead kundalini there and let it remain there. But, since you’re asking, you lack a good teacher. You need a good teacher if you really reached this level. You could open yourself to demonic possession.

Tom I

Hmm…if you’re setting your sights at 8th chakra level your strongest chance of success lies with some of the more advanced Monroe Institute courses – Exploration 27 and above. X27 does include visits to focus levels 34/35, which are the early stages of group or oversoul consciousness, though Starlines I and II go far deeper into this territory. Your first quantum leap in this direction is this:
These aren’t your average courses. Have fun!


There are actually 13 chakras, they correspond to the 13 dimensions of creation. The 8th Chakra is the most important one because it connects you to your soul and ultimately your souls life path or your higher conscious self.
The area for the 8th chakra that you can use to visualise and activate, is between your throat and heart chakra in the front of your chest. It is also known as the seat of the soul or upper heart chakra.
If you are familiar with ascension the 8th chakra is the one to focus on, visualise bringing out your inner light from that center and engulfing your whole body. The 8th chakra is the key to ascension to 5d which we are in the process of evolving into, while the common and very commercial 7 chakras are relevant to our current 4d reality that we live in!
Another good way to activate it is to tap on it (front of chest) while repeating I am… I am… mantra 21 times a day! This is done in Reiki practice. Good luck with that it takes practice and dont be too hard on yourself if it takes time, this is a process of self discovery and growth so enjoy it and be in the moment. Natural and gradual
Lidia 😀


@lidia – ironic that anyone who says “I am” is not god and indeed an antichrist according to catholic teaching


there are actually 352 chakras


Just like we were told we only have 5 senses right?
our 6th sense is our ability to project alpha waves(7th and 8th chakras in that we can communicate universally and go out of body)(or vice versa)
I FELT the 6th sense IE 8th chakra when I was a kid I just didn’t know what it was called…I “knew” the banking cartels were suppressing us for centuries in that they funded 3 religions, 3 witch hunts/crusades/holocausts and are now funding a 3rd world war in the making.


Juan is my name, I’ve open my 7 chakras, and although not exactly clear, I believe I have to some point used my 8t. if you r on the path of spirit, u must be brave, be ready to die living, and take on hardship head on with nothing but pure raw force. If you want to discuss how to achieve what I have, at least tell me you’re worthy of it.


I’m worthy. Let’s hear it! 🙂


I have found that the 8th CHakra can only be opened by your higher intuitive spiritual self. Any attempts to force it’s opening is a hinderance. If it does open suddenly without all the ground work been put in, in clearing the lower ones it could be the negative side of things messing with you. With my work I have found many people who are leaders in their field but get their gifts from the negative side of things. They actually don’t have any of these higher centres open, if they did they would be aware of who their guides actually are.
This business is tricky. It’s hard to know what is truth as it is a very fine line from one side to the other. Sometimes people are surrounded by too much negative energy and the good energy can’t even get through to let them know they are been deceived. But it is a process of learning and you can’t know the good without knowing the bad. In my experience, the 8th opening was painful. Very painful. Especially on the crown of my head. Most days I felt as if my head was in a vice that was constantly being tightened. Just keep praying, meditating, keep your ego at bay, your body healthy and allow the light to come through. We are all here to learn!

Indigo Penguin

The flower of life is in us. So is each chakra a “petal”. There is the mystic 8th chakra. India has moved there as a whole. Sadly they have forgotten about the other 7 and that’s what western society says they live in poverty.
I will open my eight soon. #indigo penguin


Refer to to the Kundalini Upanishads, the original very very very old Vedic text that talks about energy related stuff. There are over three hundred, each and every part of our body.


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