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How do I avoid negative energy from coming into my house from friends or just friends of friends.?

without avoiding them. Or do I just eliminate all things which I think are negative. It just feels like the energies and attitudes of others.


  1. No need to avoid them idestiny, after all, it is part of your life experience. Please imagine your home filled with glowing white light daily, hold this image in your mind for a few minutes. It will be similar to physically sweeping the home.

  2. Well I do believe that people can give off different vibes but don’t let it overcome your life. But you can hang a dream catcher above your bed to catch bad dreams. You can hang a wind chime outside of your doors. That’s supposed to stop negativity from coming in. You can maybe get your home Feng Shuied(sp?) But make sure that you have Jesus and the Holy Spirit in your life and your home. They will help you combat evil.

  3. Tell them how you feel. You may not have much company afterwards but it’s your house and you should be able to express your wishes. Good luck with that.

  4. Mentally imagine you have a scissors in your hand. Cut away all their negativity. Meditation is a great way to keep your spirit in tune also. Always ask yourself, if people are being negative “whose problem is it anyway”
    Don’t go out of yur wat associating with people who only rent space in your head rent free!!

  5. there is something in this house and i dont know what it is she is my ex bestfriend and she lives in that house something needs to be done about it it has already tried to kill her once it need to quit im scared for her and her family even though we are not friends anymore i used to live in that house and it done the same thing to me and my mom and my brother and my dad this shit needs to stop it is getting out of control


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