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How do I astral project?

I understand that it takes practice
ive been trying and its just really difficult
i cant seem to fall asleep/get out of my body
maybe im focusing too much
its so frustrating!


  1. well i know that if i forget some thing the more i try to remember the less i do. but as soon as i stop trying it comes to me..
    maybe it is the same concept..
    there is limited scientific evidence regarding the validity of astral projection… it is probable that you wont be able to.

  2. yes it takes practice.
    There is a technique that works for some people. You lay flat on your back or sit straight in the lotus position. Close your eyes and visualize something…anything…and slowly take pieces of that object away, until there is nothing. Then just sorta flow backwards, until you are staring at the back of your head. Then you should be able to travel anywhere, through time and space, through this world and different realms. Don’t stress, just relax, and the more you try, the more likely of a chance it’ll work.
    Some people astral project all the time, btw, and don’t even know it. It’s difficult to tell the difference between dream and travel.

  3. I would disagree with the person who said it’s difficult to tell the difference between dream and travel. For astral travel – since you are on a wholly different plane you need your wits about you, and you need to be in control. Sure some people do travel when they dream, but that is more incidental than actually sitting down with the intent to do astral work.
    I would advise that you start small, the main problem with astral travel is getting the right technique – you’ve been given a couple of good ones here. My advice is to find a meditation technique that works for you. Meditation is a good place to start for astral work. Basically you need to build up your psychic ‘muscles’ as astral work needs very strong focus and intent. I found it best to start small with meditation, working up the time you spend meditating from a few minutes to half an hour or so over several sessions. You may find guided meditations better to give you an idea of the astral work you will do. Sometimes you can be so ‘into’ the guided path that you actually travel. There are tapes available of guided meditations, or you can get one from a book and record your own on an old casette player if you have one. If you can bear it one of the best ways is to have someone read the meditation for you. They use their voice to lull you and you have something to focus on and follow – quite often problems occur when you’re trying to do it all on your own.
    For basics tho, start with just going within yourself and finding your centre and balance (called focussing and grounding) for this you need to bring your conciousness into yourself, ignoring all outside influences. Feel your link to the earth (grounding) and bring your awareness to your own body, concentrate on your heart chakra (if you’re using them) or just within Yourself.
    Once you have that centre and focus you can move your awareness outwards, this is why the focus and intent needs to be strong and this is what you build up over time in meditation. Start with travelling round your house, really focus on yourself moving between the rooms and suchlike – you know this place very well (which is why you’re using it) and can picture every detail making it more ‘real’ – this is why guided meditations are a great starting place, they get you used to the idea of ‘travelling’ whilst giving you somewhere to go. By ‘moving your conciousness outwards’ I mean something similar to you knowing instinctively where the corners and wheels of your car are whilst driving. You have a spatial awareness of exactly how close you are to things – its a similar thing. In the way you would focus your awareness to how close the bumper is to the car in front while parking you can use the same technique to focus your conciousness outside your body to do whatever you want to.
    Once you can do that then try going outside in the local vicinity.
    Now having said that all these suggestions may not work for you, you may find that you work best if you have an imaginary (or astral depending on how hard you can imagine) starting point – your ‘safe place’ it can be a garden, or somewhere you know very well in say a local park. You start here and work yourway to other places through direcing your conciousness with your will. In other words imagine very very hard. With practice this imagination becomes something more, and you’ll be doing actual astral work.
    For what it’s worth someone in our group also struggles with this and we found that a shamanic drumbeat REALLY brings things to life. A live drummer is wonderful if you can find on, but they do tapes of shamanic drumming that you can use.
    Don’t give up, as I said it takes time to master it but once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you ever had problems.


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