How do i astral project myself?

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I’ve been reading a lot about it…so far i only get as far as the vibrating part and then i get scared and try going to sleep..when you do astral project yourself..can you go to someone’s house even though you don’t know where they just think about them…i really want to do it…i just want to do it once to see if i can contact a lost friend…and all i have is a mental image will that lead me to the person or not?


  1. You can’t astral project
    If you leave your body then you are detached from your brain and eyes so you can’t see and can’t process information.

  2. Astral Projection IS sleep.
    During the semi-conscious “falling asleep” part of relaxation, the mind can create mini-dreams, usually totally non sequitur, and thus recognizable as being wraiths of sleep, but occasionally, you see images of yourself, trying to sleep. This will likely occur more when you are spending a lot of time thinking about your fictional “astral projection”, as it will be on top your conscious mind.
    I have had some experience with this and have often urged other people to perform acts of relaxation and visualization while they prepare for sleep, but rarely does anyone take the time. As always, when presented with an obviously silly conjecture, like “I took a walk outside my body”, try to find a simple explanation that fits the data BEFORE you accept the pink elephant.

  3. don’t listen to half these dip-shits, when your in the vibrating stage you have to pull yourself out of your body, you can roll out, grab a mental structure, you need will power, the last one is sorta correct, just backwards, sleep is astral projection, its just unconscious projection, you have to either, train yourself to stay awake, or have an OBE. have i ever astral projected, no! but i know well enough when someone has all the answers to an unfinished puzzle, such as a BS religion, you have to believe their thesis, ive done my research, and now all i need to do is project, and all these people that say this is stupid or you must be high, are ignorant, go on YouTube and check out “spirit science” lesson 9 is on Astral projection. its very factual and can help you understand astral projection a bit more than you think, the other lessons can help you prepair for meditation, and whats to come.


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