Home Discussion Forum How Do I astral project? Is it worth it? Help!!!!?

How Do I astral project? Is it worth it? Help!!!!?

ok i was reaing this book and it was about this girl that could astral project and i got thinking how awsome would the be to do it how do u do it and is it worth it?


  1. It’s not something that everyone can do.
    My mom used to be able to do that. I can’t, but she said it was just something that happened. She never learned how to controll it.

  2. it is possible many people have practice it,( sports figures, doctors, etc.) Read the book “Lucid dreaming” by doctor Stephen La barge

  3. OK, The best way to do this….
    1 Meditate…fix your eyes on something in the room, spot, whatever, pull yourself to it, you may, or may not feel the pull that will remove you from your body, and into the astal plains.
    2 Meditate, ask your spirit guides for help, close your eyes, and throw yourself against an invisible door, opening it to the astal plains.
    3 These things take a lot of work
    4 Don’t be afraid because we are all held on to earth by our silver unbreakable cords.
    5 Happens to me in sleep a lot! Good Luck!…Bella

  4. Astral Projection in my view should not be done by “beginners”. An explanation of this is a novice practicing Astral Projection is dangerous. What if you get lost? Projection is very real and when you do not know what you are doing this could get you into trouble.
    The Astral Plane is another level of existence so when you experience it you experience other forms of astral life, this is where it gets kind of dangerous. Not all things are friendly, if you do not know how to
    get out of a situation you could be harmed by these forces. I believe strongly that you should crawl before you can walk. Learn Meditation first.
    Astral can happen without you even realizing, this is dream state. Dreams are very real they are a doorway. Dreaming would be the first step in astral projection. Recall your dreams keep a journal of the events that take place. Be aware in your sleep state, once you can do this you may be ready for Astral Projection in your awakened state. Remember, their are many planes in astral projection. Lower planes seem to carry the “undesirables”. You much teach yourself to rise above this plane or learn to deal with these forces. When you learn to deal with them in your sleep state you may be ready to deal with them in an OBE (Out of Body Experience).
    Please be aware of some web sites giving you step by step instructions as if “it’s no big deal” I do not agree with handing people a “loaded gun”. Please just be aware of the issues. You and only you will know when you are truly ready. If you’re not sure Don’t Do It!!!
    Dangers you do need to be aware of are the negative forces and demonic entities that inhabit the astral world. If you search the internet you will find several personal accounts of peoples’ encounters with these malevolent beings. But these experiences are in a very small minority and astral projecting is usually very safe and straightforward. These negative forces are mostly found in the lower planes so learning the right astral projection technique will help protect you and help you react in the necessary way if you are unlucky enough to experience this.
    In conclusion, it can be said that astral projection is very safe and can be an exhilarating and uplifting experience. However, it is important that you are aware of what you are doing before attempting it so that you reap only benefits.
    read as much as you can and learn to protect yourself before you try this?!

  5. Astral Projection is real, in a sort. You are putting your brain into a state in which you can “travel” anywhere you want. Astral projection is NOT dangerous, at ALL. Its IMPOSSIBLE to get lost. When your body is rested enough, you will wake up. So dont worry about anything dangerous. I have tried, but I have been unsucessful.
    The link below is a little guide on how to do it. I would suggest trying, you might like it.

  6. If find that listening to a repetitive drumbeat for a very long time helps me leave my body. I have heard that drumbeats are a gateway to the spirit world. Astral projection is not dangerous, although it can be very trippy. Your thoughts manifest on the astral plane, so you may come across some interesting thought forms. If they frighten you, simply tell them they are not real and they will go away. I have found that astral projection has opened up my view of reality signifigantly. It can teach you that there really is life beyond the physical realm and that what we see with our physical eyes is only a minute fraction of what actually exists.


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