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how do i astral project? i have relatives i wish to speak to?

i really miss my dad 🙁 and i would love to meet my spirit guide


  1. Is your dad alive – you can’t see dead people when you astral project.
    I astral project naturally and I’m not really sure how I do it. Although it seems to happen after sex more often. Usually when I’m in a very deep and relaxed sleep I astral project. I always astral project in the form of a cat. I haven’t seen any spirit guides though, but I can tell you a little about my experiences.
    Usually when astral projecting I am just wandering about in the real world doing cat things but occasionally I go to this other world that I don’t really know what it is. I call it The Underground. It’s quite strange and scary, and magical. I have seen many Top Hat beings in The Underground. There is also a special young man there, and I believe him to be my soul mate who is either dead or whom I have haven’t yet met in real life.

  2. Serious answer: astral projection, according to what I’ve read, has little to do with any sort of afterlife — it is more about moving freely beyond your body within the world and possibly on an astral plane (the emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual world). I’m not sure it’s the right approach to talk to your father.
    I would start with praying. And learn some dream control.
    If you do want to learn astral projection, there are a lot of books out there. Use a library, and/or Google.


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