Home Discussion Forum How do i astral project and is it worth it? HELP!?

How do i astral project and is it worth it? HELP!?

ok i was reaing this book and it was about this girl that could astral project and i got thinking how awsome would the be to do it how do u do it and is it worth it?


  1. This question has no bearing on reality…and does not belong in the Astronomy and Space section.
    Better to ask in the folk lore section…you may get better responses.

  2. At the least, go ask this in the “Alternative Science” area of YA. As noted, this kind of rubbish has no place in a category for real science.

  3. OK, so this isn’t astronomy.
    I fly in my dreams fairly regularly. I’m normally afraid of heights, and flying beats falling hands down. I’ve learned to guide my dreams to make this happen. I get very few nightmares anymore.
    While awake, you can similarly guide your thoughts. Part of your brain models your own body. But it’s part of your brain, so with meditation, drugs and other techniques, this bit can seem to tell you that you are someone or something or somewhere else. You get an “out of body” experience, which some call an astral projection. These are interesting, and real experiences, but not of reality.
    Is it worth it? Even if it isn’t worth it to me, it might be worth it to you.

  4. Well, I don’t know if there’s any proof that it’s ever been done.
    I guess the best way to “prove” it would be for someone to astral project and then answer questions that they could not have known based on their body’s location, things verified independantly.
    I’ve never heard of this being done, and if astral projection were real, then I’d think that the people who could do it would be lining up for tests to verify their ability.
    Anyway, as for the techniques involved, I think most of them involve meditation, relaxation, (trying not to fall asleep in the process) and increasing the body’s vibrations.
    If you check the New Age/Spirituality section of your local bookstore you’ll find scads of books on the subject.
    PS – your question isn’t Astronomy.

  5. If you’re trained to do it, you can put yourself in a meditative state which gives you the strong hallucination of floating outside of your body. Certain drugs do the same thing. It’s all just an hallucination, though.

  6. It would be very rare if you can manage to do it. I would recomend http://www.figu.org (English Discussion Board) Use the search engine there, to check through archives on this site. I consider this site reliable with such information.
    There was a usenet newsgroup which answers this question thoroughly – I think Goggle groups would be the equivalent these days, so check there. alt.out-of-body or such title…


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