Home Discussion Forum How do I activate the blue or future chakra?

How do I activate the blue or future chakra?


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  2. I think you are referring to ajna chakra, commonly referred to as third eye.
    To activate it, you only need to bring your awareness there. Be subtle. Feel what is present.
    The chakra most commonly associated with the color blue is Vishudda (throat chakra). To activate this chakra, use your voice. Speak from your heart.

  3. To activate the Vissudha one must completely relax the body, then imagine a cerulean blue lotus opening from the location of this Chakrah: at the throat. Immagine the blue light bathing the back of your head. This mental excerise is supposed to release the ether energy in your body. The Visuddha governs sound, ether, art, dreaming, and creativity.


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