How do I access the AKASHIC RECORDS?

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I would be very greatful if you could give in-depth instructions. Help much appreciated – Thanks in advance!

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LabGrrl (93,baby)

Record. no s.
Read the works of Cayce, that’s his baby.


My spirit guidance once said…someone was visiting their own personal library and called it Akashic and it caught on. The rest became good copy for books. When meditating ask to be taken to your own source of information…your guide will work with you.


Try meditation.I am sure there are websites with tips on how to access them.Try Edgar Cayce.


What I remember from trying it myself is that you have to master the art of meditation to begin with.
Since I can’t concentrate, I’ve never made it that far… although I do remember that you have to go into alpha status (a status of the brain where it emits alpha waves) … have yet to figure ouot how to do that, though.


Search for Edgard Cayce’s foundation.


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