How do I access my subconscious mind?

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What exactly is it and how do i know i’ve accessed it?

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if you did access it, it wouldn’t be subconscious!

Great Gazoo

Well it wouldn’t be subconscious anymore if you did.

acid_zebra: a-the-ist

you do it all the time, you just don’t know you did.

Adam T

Dremel 1/8 in.


I think you should ask this question in the “Psychology” section if you expect on honest response.

miss g

I think most people can’t really make a connection with their subconscious mind what with the busyness of life but I think you could be in tune with your subconscious when you’re in a sort of meditative state.

Smarty Pants

Psychology section, we’re a bunch of weasels here… lol
PS… Freud was bright, but he had alot of things wrong… anyone who spouts Freaud is way out of date. Research has disproven (not all) but many of his therories.
Talk to a trained therapist if you’d like more info, or try the Psych section… alhtough that could be iffy, too.


Your ‘subconscious’ is basically the things you don’t want to admit. These are usually bound up with sex, guilt, fear and the transgression of society’s moral codes. If you analyse all you behaviour, maybe have a look at the much maligned but incredibly honest Dr. Freud, and stop believing that anything you do is natural or unmotivated, i.e. ask yourself really tough questions, you might get a wee glimpse of it!

Don H

Meditation is one way. There is a book called the course in miracles that also does this for you.
It is written in Christian terminology but it is not about religion, so if you can get past the way that it is written it still works just the same.
You can tell if it is truly the subconscious because the ideas the you access are very different from your normal thought processes.
Its not that hard. Try it.
Love and blessings Don


Don’t!!!! You know that if you do this you are dropping your mind defense that God naturally gave you. If you try things like occult demons can attack you and they can possess you. If I were you I would look for a way out.


Do not think about it.


Accessing your sub-conscious mind is done without the need of any “holy” books, made up stories or mythical characters, *especially* ones with names like jesus or jeZeus
So ditch the religions.. its all a crock; and check out “Timothy Leary” on YouTube… for example – “HOW TO OPERATE YOUR BRAIN”. You will find everything you need to access your sub-conscious mind through meditation.
Have fun !

Timeless - watcher

The “subconscious mind” that Freud talks about, is not the same that Tantra talks about.
Since you’re asking this in Religion & Spirituality, I suppose you mean our *deepest being*.
To access it, avoid the very desire to achieve, ,hard struggling, repressing, suppressing, condemning. Because all these come from our conscious mind which creates a center(ego) which don’t belong to the *deepest being* (Subconscious Inner Guide).
Your brain-wave frequency should be at the theta level 4-7.9Hz to delta level 0.1-3.9Hz. Meditations can help to achieve these levels.
In short, detach from our selfish sense of superior Ego, and living in the present moment-to-moment of awareness, is a way to welcome our Inner Guide.
When the Inner Guide comes into function, here are the signs:
– feeling good about yourself,
– feeling accepted,
– nothing is bad, condemned,
– become less world-oriented,
– more total,
– may channel messages from the Divine,
– metaphysical transformations.


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