How do I acces the Akashic Records?

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I’ve been meditating and astral projecting for months, still can’t astral project but my main goal is to access the Akashic Records on the astral plane? Any steps on how to do it? How is it like?

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Learn to meditate with greater depth.
Also there are some good books on astral projection by Bruce Goldberg (Astral Voyages). He has a web page too. I have tried his techniques, and they are very effective.


You won’t ever access them until you are ready to. It’s by invitation only. Trying to get there won’t do it. They are well guarded. Let go of your goal and just work on yourself. When and if the time is right, you will be guided there … and likely when you least expect it.
The fact that you have chosen this forum to inquire about the subject tells me that you are looking for answers in the wrong arena. I cannot help you get there but if you wish to e-mail me, I will tell you what I know about it.


it´s got more to do on a purpose than it´s with your own will.
(it´s like you will know these records so that you´ll help someone else at the right time)
Now, if you say you´ve been astral proyecting yourself…you could probably already have seen it as a form of a tree (with many leaves…or any other symbolic figure of knowledge) and then you´re just getting ready to know something that “will belong to you” because this is what was told when I wanted to check them out for myself….
the “voice” said: you cannot enter the time where you didn´t exist.
and that was a good way of saying: the history that you make is the only one that you can review…

Sal D

Stray Cat is right. Even if you were to get there, you need the proper spititual harmonic key to get in. Very few of us have access to those or even know how to use them properly. The best thing is to have patience. It will come when the time is right, trust me.

Hooded Voodoo

Wow, after reading the other responses I feel very fortunate.
I think it is different for everyone, and really depends on one’s soul-spirit pattern this lifetime.
The way I access makes sense in light of my natal chart, so consulting an esoteric astrologer may help.
To tell you the truth, it’s such an automatic process that I hadn’t really analyzed it up until this point.
So thanks for the reflection. 🙂


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